What you want to see for the future of the game

As per the title, what sizable additions or changes do you feel the game needs to better secure it’s long term future and interest?

I’m not a competitive player so AR, arena etc. aren’t of interest to me, I’m a collector. I want to get characters I like and make them as good as I can which is where the issue with the game lies for me; I’m basically done. I don’t attempt 5 star merge projects unless a unit has came along a lot off focus as a head start as trying from scratch has rarely gone well for me and I’m almost done with all the 3/4 stars and grails I like. Hana is literally the only definite merge project I have left to do. Though she has basically the same stats as Soleil who I have as +10 using an Armoursmasher so until she gets her prf and, likely, moves away from that role, there’s no point in merging up the samurai.

For me, a mass demote is essential. Technically the 4 star demote pool is what IS would count as doing just that but we all know it isn’t, everyone’s basically just as rare as they were before and impossible to merge by chance. There’s a combined 9% chance of a 5 star/4 star demote on a normal banner and 91% chance of a 3/4 star of which literally none are of interest to me anymore as I have 11 copies of Hana and and the half dozen ‘maybes’ on my project list.

If they cleaned out the 3/4 star pool, lets say putting all the launch units with no fodder into a shop needing badges or some other useless currency, and demoted just the current 4 star focuses down to the normal 3/4star pool, my definite project list would skyrocket. Elise, Linde, Lucina, Y!Tiki, Celica, Sonya, B!Ike, B!Lucina, Elincia, Nephenee, Rhajat, Micaiah, F!Celica, F!Morgan, WF!Hinoka, F!Kana, Ishtar, Karla, YT!Olivia, B!Celica to start with. That would be some great long term interest waiting on all those coming home to +10.

These units all need feathers too so I’d want to do better in game modes, they need more summoning for skills so IS gets more orbs and more likely to get cash. How is this not a total win for them? Their current plan is probably people summon on the weekly revival banners but I know I certainly can’t spare 1000+ orbs to +10 a single unit and that’s if it goes well. They’ll get more out of me in the long run by giving me more projects and making me want more high tier fodder from new banners.

A mass demote would also give much needed skills like QR3, all the tier 3 dual stances and blows and access to rarer things like dual stat A skills, waves and Hone freaking Fliers.

Well, that turned into a massive wall of text. If you made it here, thank you for reading. Do let me know what you think of my reasoning for a mass demote and what you think the game needs.


Make Gen 1 seasonals more accessible somehow and easy and cheap to merge: they suck but they’re still super expensive and hard (particularly if they colorshare) to get or +10. Considering most don’t even have a refine, I don’t see them ever becoming meta changing in a near future anyway

Like I’d love it if they demoted all the Gen 1 and 2 units as you suggested but I don’t really see them doing it lmao imagine 3*-4* B! Hector so I’ll just say Gen 1 useless seasonals that are characters I like, such as that super cute S! Lucina, and I just want to build aleady and try to make them work somehow


I would like somes others mechanics for helping olders units to stay relevant, dragonflower are merely a band-aid, and don’t change the fact that newers units at +0 are near olders units at +10… Give the resplendent statboost to everyones god dammit!

Same for olders prf/refine that weren’t really great at their release that are utter trash now.

A shop using arena medal, this currency is useless AF…

A mechanic to merges olders unit (5*) that are often trash right now and can’t really deal with the powercreep and don’t really justify using orbs for them… (Hello 5* old seasonnals)
And even if the 4* special is nice, you can’t merges a unit with it… Too random and too many units.

In general, a more F2P friendly game for olders units… Which isn’t gonna happen ever


Make a healthier meta… Savior skills and L!Sigurd were a mistake along with many others.

Otherwise I wouldn’t mind a way in getting some of the older gen units easier. Some of them are still good but most are not.


It’s a good point on B!Hector. They’d have to implement exemptions, probably Takumi and normal Hec too as they wouldn’t let the valuable counter skills become common.
I’d love early seasonal to be more accessible. I hope they’ll stop rerunning the banners at some point and put them in a grail-style shop. Camilla and Lucina would be top projects there with the latter getting Blarrabbit for extra cuteness.

The older units certainly need more help. Being accessible and easier merged is a start but as you say, a flat stat boost and re-refines are needed. Even if they didn’t do a stat boost across the board, implementing an item that gives the resplendent boost to whatever Gen 1 unit you use it on would be good. So long as it was common enough, 2 per month to match the actual resplendents. And not pass locked.
The poor early refines are laughable. New refines with the start of the month update and re-refines mid-month would be good. Plus the seasonal shop.

  • More big tiddy waifus Umm, I mean, revise some of the older refines.

  • Cheaper orbs

  • More/easier ways to obtain certain resources like Dragonflowers and feathers.


Do what the game “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” does with its summons to clean up the summoning pool.

They have “Standard Summons,” where you can use a readily-available currency that is super easy to get (bring friend units on missions have have your friend unit brought on missions) to summon for low-rarity units. In FFBE, that would be 1* and 2* units, so for FEH it would be 3* units.

Then they have the “Rare Summon,” where you use the premium currency to summon for mid-to-high rarity units (in BE, 3-5* units), so for FEH it would be the 4* and 5* units. It would remove the 3* units from the high-stakes orb summons for FEH and give us another, separate banner that has no rotation but allows us exclusive access to low-rarity units we may want while helping to clear out the “Premium Summon” that we use orbs for.

That said - to make this work, FEH would have to change their summoning system to match something that FFBE does: units ONLY drop at their lowest rarity. So no pulling 4* copies of Clair or Lilina, they would drop EXCLUSIVELY from the Standard Summon and exclusively at 3*. It also means (using our most recent banner), no 5* Luthiers to break the 5* summon rate.

Also, as I’ve said before: Einherjar.


More and cooler accessories, most new accessories suck ass
and more accessories slots not only to equip, but like getting new types uk, like capes and stuff

  • Address skill availability. Just throw a bunch of newer skills on all the book one units.

  • Bring back competent unit design/balancing. It’d be nice if they brought back the “under player control” condition for future problematic units/effects so they dont end up as bad as Claude, Sigurd and :feh_edelsmug: .


Way more weapon refines a month. And also weapon refines for old seasonal units without PRF weapon. :frowning:


As a long term player the game becomes repetitive in every aspect.

In my opinion I would like to see:

  • Summoning pool clean up

  • General skills shop (No more Shanna murders for desperation, or Hinatas for fury)

  • Swap roles for characters as MySummoner do (With restrictions) Maybe I want my OG Celica to perform as a general healer.

  • Some kind of Story mode aside from the Main story, where you encounter random characters to recruit and have to level them up to get random skills. Even with RPG options like: “After the battle the team has to decide to follow the mountain trail or try to cross the plains”. Like a mix of Hall of forms but with a continuity for players who are not competitive and just wants to enjoy the game by themselves and be challenged.


A pay to play system where IS pays us to play their game.


I feel like a lot of the stuff said here I agree with. Stuff like cleaning up the summoning pool, better ways for older units to keep up, making those older units more accessible, better skill availability, making less cancerous stuff for the meta. One old thing I posted about a while back was about adding a daily free summon system similar to what other gachas have I believe that could help with things like merge projects, fodder and general accessibility of older and outdated units. I’ll copy what I said here.

Also they should do what other Gachas do and implement some sort of “friend summon.” Basically a permanent banner with no focus units but would feature all the old gen 1 and 2 units who aren’t in the normal pool anymore (and all 3-4 stars regardless of generation). You’d get a daily free summon on it and then for other summons instead of using orbs it would use some other currency. This currency could be gotten from stuff like quests, logins and whatnot like most others but mostly it would be gotten from things involving your friends. Instead of a measly 10 feathers each day the friend unit who shows up in your castle would give you some of this currency. Using friend units or having your lead be used by friends in any mode that allows it (RD/GC, PoL, AB, VG I think) would also get you some. This could basically be a way to pull for fodder or low rarity merge projects outside of normal banners, and could make those things much easier.

I don’t play a ton of other gachas, but the friend summon in FGO is kinda what I was thinking about with this. Basically in that game for those unfamiliar, there’s a permanent banner that uses “friend points” gotten from logins and when friends use your units in content. This is the main way you get low rarity units and stuff used to improve your other, better stuff.


oh man, adding a cape to units :catclap:




What I want to see - massive Balancing update - extra stats for old chars, and reworked old prfs/refines.

What I expect - more shilling.


Yeah I kinda feel the same way, aside of feathers and waiting for some new characters the game is pretty dead.
I as others suggested above would like to see the 3 star units sent to a permanent banner where you can use a daily currency, that can help new players that struggle to have units for the limited battles, upgrading older refines is a must, the first gen of refines is mostly tame and are litterally one skill slapped for example basilikos is just L&D 3 or Wing sword is flashing blade 3.

Having more refines and giving the older seasonals without pref is also a need, I would also want to change the grail unit system since having the cost increase limits the units you can build and most of my projects are grail projects that perhaps will never see the light of day due to the grail cost increase.

Also we need a mass demotion of units and more access to older skills, some bonds and old skills can only be obtained in the grail shop, they should be on the normal pool, instead of giving renewal, WoM and distant defense to every demote, those skills are already in the normal pool. Eyvel has no reason to be 5 star by today standards, her form skill is on Zealot, her chill is on other grail units same about the guard weapons, maybe it is because guard sword is a nice inheritable weapon but the sword pool is overloaded and if you dont have a nice prf you are forgotten.

Having more seasonals units on the ephemera manuals would be a welcome addition instead of having the same 3 star units that i can summon for free.

Im not that mad about broken skills like canto, pathfinder and saves since they add challenge for the GHB and the game, sure is nasty when you face it on competitive modes but for example ashera GHB you have to use a strategy and not cheese it with a physical nuke and reposition it with a tank or a dancer, they give more utility to the armored units, pathfinder is nasty, on every sense, the balancing of the game lies in the movement types and their bst, armored units have great bst mostly focused on atk and defenses, spd dump, and can only move 1 space, cavalry has low bst but can move 4 spaces, then we get this skill (pathfinder or sigurdino special) and they give infantry cav movement, or armored infantry movement, which puts on high disadvantage to the player that doesnt have it, or is traped inside walls.

I think i made a bigger wall of text than your post, sorry about that but your post was inspiring and I wanted to write my full biblical opinion.


Well, I’ve always liked the idea of something like a Guild System. I find myself a bit bored at times whenever I’m not building a unit or summoning, so I feel like having something like a Guild and things that typically comes with it.

Looking at all the modes we have, I feel we can actually take bits and pieces of them and make something somewhat new or just change them slightly to make them work for Guild Raids or something similar. So, we have Rival Domains and Aether Raids. For Guild Raids, maybe Guilds could set up a Brigades comprised of all the member’s units and place structures and traps that Aether Raids have around the maps of Rival Domains. Of course, this would have to be tweaked a bit to work but I think something like this would be interesting and something to keep players occupied. I mean, it’s not we don’t have events. We Forging Bonds, PoL, Arena, Aether Raids itself, etc, but I guess something kinda new and something for players to communicate within the game. But, I honestly don’t really know how good this idea actually is.

And, I would really want more uses of the Friend List. Other than PoL (I think, could be wrong) Voting Gauntlet and Allegiance Battles, it doesn’t seem we have much a use for Friend Units. I just want them to be utilized more.

So… that’s what I got… just my two cents


Well I play dauntless and the game has guilds and ways to make parties with friends but is really not that used, at least from my expierence, I dont think a game like feh would use it well, they shut down miiverse for many reasons.

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Hmm, depends on how realistic the wishlist should be, but some thoughts:

  • Either make dragonflowers more available or an overhaul to the system. The idea that older units can get more flowers to partially make up for the stat differential is good, but flowers are just so little that in practice it is getting harder and harder to have your units maxed out to keep up as the caps increase.

  • This one may be a bit controversial but: a limit of 1 of the same unit on AR teams could be good for the game mode’s health going forward. Pathfinder is the obvious case now, but I expect more and more powerful and unique effects in the future and it would help to prevent abuse cases and limitation breeds creativity.

  • On the note of game modes, by god can we do something about Arena. It is so awful to play. I don’t even know how to fix this shit (aside from overhauling the scoring system) but I would love to see them try just about anything.

  • I prefer powercreep in the form of powerful unique effects such as D!Catria that take some consideration rather than just slamming a million effects on a super-unit ala F!Edelgard. The former allows for unique teams and change up how you play, while the latter is just mindless and un-fun.

Those are some of my thoughts. As for how I gauge the chance that any of these happen I’d say…roughly 0.1%