Whatever the weapon, she's ready

Swords, lances, bows… Shurikens! :sparkles:

A full night/morning of SP grinding, tempest trialing, and skill prepping complete :pray: :green_heart: :sparkles:

Training - easy
Mangos - got 'em :feh_traitfruit:
Feathers for +1 - just enough
Dragonflowers - just for you :bouquet:
Codes - check :ok_hand:
Summoner Support - done :sparkling_heart:

And now, here they are :pray: :sparkles:
(Main ones, anyway)


The Truth of Damage

Keeping Oath on this one for the consistent buffs. I’m likin’ it :+1:



I wish it had slaying but it can work. Even with the -4 D/R the bulk allows the game to get going & room for skill flexibility


Kunoichi Curse

I’ve actually had a really good time supporting this build with my +10 Pirate Vika! Everyone! Fall! Lights-Out!
The Sea-Dark Wing & the Lone-Moon Ninja! ( ^0^)/ :new_moon:


Lull & Bye

Extra Speed. More damage. If I’m ever confident I don’t need to be quadding.


Lone-Luna Ninja

Time’s Pulse>Attack>Blade>Luna = Another one down.

And ya, aha :pray:

I really sat down n said,

Alright, y’all! Line up! :point_up:

And rejoice! For you are now being given the highest honor! :raised_hands:
Your sacrifice will be given to the great cause of helping to see her majesty reach her truest ninja potential! :fist: :fire:

And now, I wait till January :relieved: :pray: :green_heart: :sparkles:


You had this in the Pokemon Masters section by accident but I fixed it for you :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

Great N!Shamir :feh_flaynsmile: She certainly had a huge feast for dinner huh lol


I did!? How!? Aha, I know I read n clicked that right! :woozy_face:

THANK YOU, THOUGH, NOODLES! :sweat_smile: / :pray:

Ya, I really had to gather all my resolve for this one, aha…

That Time’s Pulse was the hardest :persevere:

Sothis is a long going +10 Project for me :sob:

But alas, what has to be done ;-; …


Wow, amazing work! All of those builds are really good, I’m glad she’s getting the loving she deserves! Mine only has DB4 and TP3, but hopefully I’ll get to your level haha


Thanks! ^0^ :pray: :sparkles:
Oh, yeah! :green_heart: :fire:

All those horrible bad luck pity break sessions ended up having a greater destiny after all! ( ^-^) :raised_hands: :sparkles:

I had to spend some extra Grails for the Ylgr FB3 to chain into all the Codes I spent for the Purple Mareeta FB4 + NFU

1st time I’d spent on the 2nd year Codes! It all aligned at the perfect time in the end :star2:
Counting the Kris Spurn, I went from almost 12,000 to 3,000 for her ( o_o) :fire: :sweat_drops: aha

You’re halfway there! You got it! ^-^ :+1: :sparkles:


You and Shamir have my respect. She looks stacked and awesome.

If she’d been anything other than an axe infantry, I’d have been throwing feathers, fruits and fodder at her too. Already did that with Hana last year so can’t justify two identical ninja.


Thanks! ^-^ :pray: :sparkles:
She really is! :heart_eyes: :green_heart: :fire: aha

This is actually the 1st time I’d filled out all 10 Skill Set slots before even realizing! Aha
I was like, woah! Really? I’m done!? :hushed:
I have 4 more builds not shown above cause they’re more experimental at the moment :sweat_smile:
But we’ve sure been having a good time :ok_hand: :sparkling_heart:

I actually didn’t end up building Ninja Hana last year at all so this is all perfect! :raised_hands: :star2:


Beautiful! Awesome builds on her. Can’t wait to see her +10.
I’m glad Shamir got an alt that we can slightly easier +10.

I wish she was Infantry sword or dagger instead but Axe infantry is my favorite type and Shamir getting one is awesome for me. Even though I have like 7 of those working on now, Shamir is too awesome to pass up.


It’s weird cuz shamir in 3h comes with a rank in bows and lances

So you’d think they’d have made shamir the lance unit and :corn: the axe


Thanks, yo! ^_^ :pray: :sparkles:
2 months is gonna feel like a whole dang year! Aha!
It’s a dream come true! :sob: :raised_hands: (a very crazily accurate one o_o … )

From the silhouettes, I really thought she was gonna be a (green) dagger and throwing a giant shuriken! :fire:
(Honestly, I was hoping for it too) but it is what it is :sweat_smile: aha


I mean it’s not the first time IS FEH gives a character a completely different weapon than they normally do.

Just wish IS didn’t make her Ninja Hana 2.0 or at least a different weapon type with the statline.


Ya! There’s gotta be some kinda method behind the madness that is these decisions :thinking:


Ya, I do feel for those that committed to Hana. And I don’t think I should recommend spending 2000+ Grails + skills etc. if already done so :cold_sweat:

Chances are a Grail unit will be on the way soon that they’ll also really really like n be hyped for ‘and’ they’ll have that different to them and they’d wanna be ready :pray: :sparkles:


pff amature


Yo, the Surge Sparrow! I picked Marianne for my free n didn’t spark on CYL :cry:

I do have the floret but I’m waiting to see confirmation on some things first. :pray:


hesitation is an ENEMY, never hesitate for best gal damnit she literally deservers everything and more :catdestroy:


Word up :pray: :sparkles:

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