What're Your Most Memorable Boss Fights Gameplay Wise And/Or Character Wise. Whether You loved Or Hated Them And/Or Their Gimmicks?🤔

As the question abive says… Which boss fights did you love or hate either because of their Gameplay or their Character or both?

For example:
Best Boss Fight:
My most liked has gotta be the Kiara boss fights. And I love how unique it is. I didn’t even realize the stuff we were collecting were to debuff her till it was all explained to me in the story. I loved how we had the to pick the choice of debuffs for her and buffs for us. I loved how one of those shop items changed her Ascension form as well as the background of the map and her voicelines changed when debuff her with it.

If only all story bosses had an optional quest where you go fund something that both weakess them gameplay wise but they also acknowledge it with their voice lines or in a cutscene before the missions. Which in turn pisses the boss off and they become more aggressive and desperate or start taking the fight seriously as they realise they might actually lose

Worst Boss Fight:
It has gotta be the London Lalter boss fight. No weird gimmicks outside of her NP’s utility. She disappeared as swiftly as she appeared… Her boss screen time was somehow lower than Altera’s… She can not be communicated with nor rationed with in any way thanks to the mind controlling fog excuse. She is a really weak boss with nothing make you afraid of. She has too many exploitable traits to kill her faster with without herself having anything to prevent herself from dying faster. She died to Mordred before she could NP.

I have never been so disappointed in a boss fight in my entire life… it still bugs me even today. Even more so that I have both Lalter and Lartoria and somehow Lartoria had a better but not great boss fight either for the same mechanical weaknesses…

So yeah… That’s me. But I am more interested in knowing what y’all think based on your own experiences. Ehe :sweat_smile::nerd_face:

So this is it

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Gawain. It’s the only answer. The epic music…the insane NP charging…the “oh shit” moment when you realize your attacks are barely scratching him…this is the instance that FGO commanded that it be taken seriously.


Yeah this is it. It’s been bugging since Lalter boss fight in London till now…

I posted a pic showing it. Check it out

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Ahaha!:rofl: Yeah. I remember that traumatising moment when your op Servants could barely scratch that guerilla saber ehe. :sweat_smile::smirk::crazy_face:

See it thanks!:smirk::+1:

I always used to use Orion against Saber Bosses anyway so I was only surprised a bit by that. Still defeated him in the 1st match

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Lucky. I had no anti male SR-SSR Servants so I had to settle with levelling and almost grailing Euryale. Eu saved me alot of of pain in Camelot. And I had never seen so many Eu in support set ups lol!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Best boss?

Goetia - The only time I soloed… And using Shiki that’s not 10/10/10. Usually I go for class advantage with full support

Worst boss - King Hassan nerofest. I can’t even beat him


I only had Orion on my Support list and she always got the job done so I never changed her against Saber Bosses :joy::joy:

I liked the whole Solomon Singularity :sweat_smile:. Didn’t fight the Bosses in Nerofest since I had only started during that time

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Most memorable boss fight (other than Solomon singularity): Archer of inferno
She wiped out my whole team except Cu (lancer) and he killed her with 300hp left over. He also had burn stacks on him so if it lasted one more turn, I would’ve lost. That fight felt so clutch


Me before a certain tanned loli noble phantasm stealer come

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I don’t even know who can do that :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


Oh Hoi! Don’t even get me started with Nero Fest! That whole event is a series of traumatic boss fights. If Nero 1 was easy mode then Nero 2 was NIGHTMARE mode! ROFL!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I gave up on the challenge quest. Noting Did NOTHING!!! changed ANYTHING!!! Argh. The 1st challenge quest I never beat… I am so wanting RRVENGE against it!!!

And GLORIOUSLY too!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

@chaos083 :gun::gun::gun::gun::gun::gun:Are you sure about that…? :rofl::rofl::rofl: “(Me and @Yunchii threatening ya)” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was it you best memorable?:thinking: @andylong1014
And that sounds impressively clutch indeed well done :smile::+1:

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I am sure :joy:. I don’t remember any tanned loli who steals Noble Phantasms :sweat_smile:

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How about Chloe?! :scream_cat: You know? Basically Emiya? :thinking:

Ohhhhh :joy::joy:. I don’t have her and never used her, so I kind of forgot about her :joy:. But I don’t think that she is stealing Emiya’s NP :thinking: She uses the Crane Winged Attack as her NP I think

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