Whats a good ce for rider martha?

What’s a good way to make her do damage instead of being a aoe debuff clear machine? Tried using k-scope but her np damage is bad, tried giving healing up ce but her heal used like 2 times before the waves are over, tried giving her prisma cosmos but shes better off having np gen ce. Tried giving her np generation rate ce but she couldnt clear the waves in the farming event. Tried using 2030 since shes supposed to be a support and her crits seem to do decent damage.

Crit damage feels like the best choice since her arts critting would let her np charge faster and since her np is even weaker than medea’s, going for crit damage seem to be the better choice (her facecard damage is really bad even with sumo).

Asking Martha to do a lot of damage isn’t going to really happen. She’s a bit hampered by having a really really low attack. Have you already done her strengthening quests?

MLB Aerial Drive, MLB Golden Sumo, MLB Halloween Princess are your best bets plus using her defence down debuff 3rd skill is your best bet

If you are wanting damage the answer is almost always going to be black grail.


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Oh… Wait… There are other usages for Martha rider?

I probably haven’t used her since the Solomon raids. Martha=damage does not compute

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I would say that the shop ce of this years Valentine event could work, give her 10% Buster and Art and 4 stars so could help

You want her to deal damage? Get her to NP5, grail her, 2000 Fou her, and put Black Grail on her. Then she will do okay damage.

Seriously though, if you want to use her outside of her main niche, focus on her NP gain instead. If one NP is not enough, then spam it, and the rest of the team will also appreciate the constant defense down on the enemies.


I assume you have her NP upgraded already to have the buster buff? What NP level is she? Has she been 3 star foued?

Depending on your answer, you might just have to wait for more NP levels or use more rare materials like 4 star attack fous or grails for her to reach the point where she has an acceptable offensive NP while still having options for CEs instead of being locked into a specific few to boost her damage.

It’d be nice if her Protection of the Faith skill got upgraded to have the attack buff that higher rank versions have (First Hassan and Vlad Extra), she could use the extra damage.

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All my servants have their interludes/rank up done. Shes np1 but fou’d

Probably the NP levels then. Mine is NP2 and she does okay, but could be stronger.

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You’d need some kind of Buster/NPStr/ATK buff if you want some significant NP damage increase. In the ideal world, you would buff all three of these.
Buster is already buffed during NP, so put it at the bottom of the buff priority pile.
Look for skills like Teach’s party buff (atk+nps).

Seeing how low her ATK stat is, a decently leveled ATK-only CE should help fill the damage gap a bit. Something like MLB aerial drive would probably work if you’re focusing on her NP.
As was said by others already, black grail would probably be your best choice if you have it.

https://gamepress.gg/grandorder/craft-essences/another-ending might be an option if you want to focus a bit more on crits and NP gain.

As also said by someone previously : her NP lowers the enemies’ DEF, and it increases with OC, making Devilish bodhisattva another good option to increase your party’s damage output some more. (Or Edison’s S3 for that matter)

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Black grail/ heaven feel to increase NP dmg, or NP gain CE to do multiple NP time. BTW get her copy by next SR ticket. She has 3 art card, so buster up doesn’t fit her.

Black Grail or HNS.
Buster buff from NP, attack buff (def down) on skill, NP damage from CE. She has plenty of healing for BG, or HNS for rider crits.

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Black Grail is usually enough to make most NPs hit hard.

Sorry for such a simple answer, but… really, non-Ruler Martha wasn’t made to do damage unfortunately. :sweat_smile:

Asides from BG (or HF), the usual culprits like AD, HNS, and GS are pretty good choices, especially if they’re high leveled as they’ll help mitigate her low ATK stat somewhat. She’ll still need at least a few buffs though. I have her at NP2 but the damage is still lackluster for me.

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