Whats a good team for Brendan and Treecko?

I have been deciding what teammates to pair Brendan/Treecko up with. Right now, I’m not sure whether to use a team with 2 supports or with 1 support and another strike pokemon. I was thinking of pairing him up with Rosa, but I’m not sure if having 2 of the same type is a good idea.

Some other sync pairs I have are Blue, Karen, Rosa, Roxanne, and Phoebe.

Rosa might actually be a good idea since Treecko’s main drawback is heavy consumption of the move gauge.

Depends what you intend to use Brendan for? Super-courses, story mode, coop Ex training.

He’s a staple for EX Brock training (need at least 2 Brendans per team), and has a Ex Brendan-eccentric team for Barry.

For single-player, yeah Rosa is strong. Move gauge, and can replenish SpA boosts. Drake can replenish move gauge and buff defence, whilst Roxanne who can replenish SpA boosts whilst boosting Speed and also Def boosts and Wide Guard if needed

Literally any fight: You’re not wrong if you bring Rosa.

Generally speaking, you should be building teams around the specific fights, not around a character you want to use. That being said, my “I’m not paying attention and I just want an easy braindead win” team is Brendan-Olivia-Rosa.

I agree about pairing Brendan with Rosa. Another pair I’ve been using along with them is Maylene. My mind interprets that it’s faster to queue moves of different characters at the same time, so Maylene gives a crit buff in-between Treeckos self buffs

But imo Brendan + Rosa is enough to make a team work in single player content, so the last pair choice is up to you. You could add a pair that buffs defenses, or a pair that gives you speed, or whatever you think could help you get the job done, really