What's Cooler Than Being Cool: It's the [Edelweiss' Vow] Roll Thread

Hi. Yes, I am early to this party. No, I don’t know if anyone other than me is even pulling in this banner due to Invitation to Wine being dangerously close. Unfortunately for the rest of you, I haven’t spent even one (1) pull since Gnosis was announced on CN, so I’m taking out my anxiety on making this thread!

Gnosis - 6* Debuffer/Hexer Supporter

Aurora - 5* Duelist Defender

Pramanix - 5* Debuffer/Hexer Supporter

And a fun video showcase of Aurora and Gnosis brutally murdering everything:

Just in case you were wondering how not pulling for 6 months has been going for me, I started out with 21,706 orundum and 39 tickets and now have 150,536 orundum and 83 tickets, not factoring in next week’s annihilation and the July cert shop stuff. (I don’t buy the monthly pass and haven’t converted any OP, so this is entirely just from annihilations, the cert shop, and dev generosity.) I am WEALTHY, I am READY, I am hoping Gnosis doesn’t severely mess up my plans to pull in the LNY banner…


Good luck! :ak_mostima:


I will pull because i have enough Meta-operator and i won’t have enough for LNY banner.
But i think Kjera, Gnosis and Aurora are mandatory for a frost efficient strategy and i haven’t seen any announcement for others operators with the frost mechanic.


I will pull for the granted 5*, hoping for the rate up.


Yeah, I’m really impressed with how well the 3 operators for this event synergize! I wish they’d coordinate new operators like this more often.


Uh. Okay. First 10 roll. That was anticlimactic! I think I’ll try to do a few solos to try to get Aurora now…

Edit: 20 solos later!

I have plenty to spare for LNY which is super awesome, and I think I’ll be waiting until Ebenholz to do anything crazy again, so I’m very jazzed about my current financial situation.


Well, you’re right @rmunteanu599 :fgo_coffee:
6th roll

3rd multi

10th multi

Total dmg: 106 rolls
Most or them were min roll and Pramanix spooks but alas it’s not as obnoxious as Passenger banner
I still have around 250 rolls for Ling


I might as well use up my single pull tickets.
32 single pulls and nothing new, back to saving for pink Korone.

  • Pramanix
  • Leonhardt, Iris, Waiifu

Congrats. Meanwhile me 33 rolls and only a new Aurora.

Eh, saving my orundum for Ling. :fgo_gilgalaugh:

This is pity for Ebenholz most likely.


44pull here


9 pulls and i got my granted operator, that Turned out to be my dear Abyssal Stalker :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice pull, finally maxed her potential. I use her almost as often as her Alter.

I won’t dare pull anymore because i have a little more than 170k Orundrum and i want to be sure to get Ling.

But on a side note, i was so awaiting this skin! 18 OP well spent!


I didn’t want to spend much here, seeing as I really need to start saving up my Orundum. Threw down a ten pull and…

I finally pulled Mudrock by randomly being spooked last week. Once she’s E2’d, it’ll be this fine gentleman’s turn. Trying to decide if I should pull until Aurora now, too.


Got Gnosis on pull 15, and got Aurora on pull 44 or so. Took a chunk off my savings for Invitation to Wine, but I still have over 140 rolls, so I should have enough by the time it rolls around.

All in all a fair outcome.


So went a bit deeper. 50 rolls and got Gnosis at pity.

Thanks to Yostar for giving us that free multi for the EN voices. :fgo_bbsmile:

I still have 34k orundum left for the upcoming limited banner. So I should be fine. :fgo_gudako:


My pity for golden is broke TT… I only want Aurora so throw singles for guarantee and…

He come on 6th single.


11x10 pulls for 1 Aurora(main target)

6 stars
Shining dup
Passenger new

5 stars
Pram x3 beyond max pot
Toddifon new
Aurora new
Akafuyu dup
Sesa dup

I don’t have much left and i’m not sure i will continue, now that i have my first duellist-defender, maybe it’s better for me to borrow Gnosis as support due to the lack of ressources/Mats. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And i have the strange feeling i’ve already made this post.


So this summon session was cursed. :catpat:

I cant forgive Passenger for spooking me back then. :fgo_drunkgil:

I wish you good luck on your next banner. :catdance:


Gib me Pasenja :catlie:


I did pull for this (because once you get already 100% unit collection your even more compelled to keep it lol) but when I tell you I’m terrified of the next banners now it’s not cause I overspend. But cause I’m afraid I was too lucky here and now I’m going to only pull 3 star units for the next 1000 rolls. Anyway I used 1 10 Pack and this happened

I Mean that’s already incredible and had me worried for the counter bad luck that will happen but since HG surprised us and gave us all a free 10 HH for the global dubbing I said what the hell I’ll toss this at the banner too maybe get some gold certs or a potential for someone good.

Soooo yea I know I should be happy about getting all this but all I feel is dread lol :laughing:


Got Aurora as the guaranteed and Gnosis after a Thorns dupe using the tickets I had without touching Orundum… and got to 258 yellow certs yesterday from that to buy the month’s tickets just before reset from the roll, coming close to resetting me to where I started, so pretty happy with the result…

Hopefully can get through Ling without spending $. haha