Whats next after siege and bp on the yellow certificate store?

I finally saved 180 yellow certificates to buy siege. I have texas and myrtle, is siege still a must have?

Would live to have saria(i have nearl) instead of siege since its hard to save yellow. In your opinion, should i buy siege now or wait for saria?

I have
e2: Sa, eyj, angelina, magallan, schwarz, shining.
E1: ifrit, Nightingale, specter, Lapland, bp, executor, texas, ptilopsis
How do we know which ones are next to show up on the certificate store?

Depends on what the next banner is. Should be revealed soon before siege is gone from the shop.

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I’m not 100% sure about this but Bagpipe when she gets released blows most vanguards out of the water from what I’ve seen due to her sheer dmg output. And Siege is usually there alongside her due to their inherent synergy. So there’s that to keep in mind.

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Bagpipe is basically aoe guard vanguard

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For two block vanguard Siege still the best choice I think. Good HP, Def and Atk and cas also serve as semi-guard.

Texas is ok but lack of defense, Zima is similar lacking of attack. I still think Siegber is a good unit to invest either way.

Bagpipe is Kill on DP with multi-hit and ability of both Vigna and Grani. She can block 2 unit with her S3.

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Depending on your needs. If you really need her, then get her. My personal take on yellow certs atm is either exu or eyja, or saving to 258 for pulls.

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Siege is best girl. You can’t go wrong with her


From what you have, I’d say you’ll probably get more use out of waiting for Saria, but I wouldn’t say getting Siege now would be a bad decision either since it looks like Texas is your only leveled vanguard. Both are great, but having both I get slightly more use out of Saria than Siege.
Courier and Fang lasted me a good long while, now it’s usually Myrtle and Siege (though sometimes I gotta swap her for a cheaper vanguard or a support Texas in case I can’t deploy her in time for an early rush).
Saria I use on every mission that doesn’t forbid Defenders–sometimes keeping her in the party means you can get by with one less medic, so more room for things that make explosions.

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Thanks for the reply guys, just saw this one:

Looks like the drillelectric Banner is next.

Edit: standard banner seems to be ifrit and magellan, and i already have both

We’ll be getting Drillelectric two weeks after Enthusiasm, Expansion, Explosion because they switched the order.

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