What's next for FGO?

So I was just wondering, after part 2 with the lostbelts concludes, what is next for the game? I know Nasu said he would write part 3 if the fans wanted it and given how the game makes a ridiculous amount of money I’m sure it will continue, but has there been any news on what exactly the future of the game is?


literally nobody knows

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FGO 2: Electric Boogalo

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Uh… I hope so. I honestly hope the game continues indefinitely… with how much money I’ve put into it, I need my long-term security


THIS IS SUCH A DÉJÀ VU!! (except to the third and this reply.)

Somewhat related to this, I just did Vlad Extra’s interlude and there was mention of returning to and investigating Fuyuki being on the to-do list when singularities aren’t taking priority. Vlad was introduced after the Zero event, so it doesn’t make sense to refer to that, so do you think the main story will return to Fuyuki at some point? Seems Vlad sensed something there, and that could either be Angra Mainu if the FGO version of Fuyuki is anything like the Zero/FSN one, or it could be some other threat perhaps… I should watch the anime version of the beginning of FGO since I forget whether it was clear what actually happened in the FGO version of Fuyuki before you got there and cleared out the leftover servants causing havoc (also it’s been a while since Fuyuki since I started from launch, so perhaps I’m forgetting something).


FGO x SMT: Battle of the Gods


Lots and lots and lots of salt, unwise personal decisions be it cash or rolling or more, standard DW-level gacha stinginess, bizarre decisions by DW, and Mapo Tofu.

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Re-Rerun for all events(?)

And i hope we get Tsukihime and Mahoutsukai no Yoru collab before LB ends


Pseudo-Lostbelts for a year.
Then Part 3 with another villain of the year who wants to destroy humanity.
It’s not that hard to create a villain to fight.

No one knows. Even Nasu is probably just writing basic drafts and thinking about Part 3. He needs to finish LB6 and LB7 before.

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At some point, they have to reveal the Grand Servants and maybe some more of the Beasts. The story can’t just end there (Unless they’re planning a FGO 2.0). There’s still so much potential for the plot to explore. (Also, I haven’t even been playing for a year. Please stay for a long long time… :fearful:)

i - Goetia
ii - Tiamat
iii - Kiara/Kama
iv - Primate Murder
v and vi - Amaterasu and ■■■■■ of Babylon/Rider Nero + Manaka

I think only the identity of vii is unknown.

I think i’ve read it somewhere, Nasu said after LB or after he quit, his assistants will continue the project. Considering the money they got, there’s no way they can end just like that. If they make FGO 2 i hope we can transfer our servants and not start from scratch.

He already said on last anniversary I believe that he thinking about Part 3.

Yes, no one would just kill the game which prints so much money.
The only possible way to end FGO - if Japan would introduce new anti-gambling laws, which is unlikely.

I think we will definitely finish off LB next year—LB6 around May/June, LB7 in Nov, Final LB in Dec.

I can also see the Lostbelts being like Book 1 in a 3-part fight…really depends how much Nasu has mapped out and how the remaining Lostbelts go.

Right way, we’ll likely get a Part 2.5 for a year.

I’m not sure how much foreshadowing Nasu has already done because I’m trying to stay relatively unspoiled on the Lostbelts myself; Shimousa and Salem are basically pre-LB Prologue prologues (as is, I believe, that scene with Sherlock in Camelot and a scene with CasGil in Babylonia? There are allusions, iirc).

As for threads to pick up:

1.) Fuyuki
2.) What really happened to Olga Marie?
3.) Roman/Solomon goes back to the Throne?
4.) Remaining Beasts to fight

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I think he was talking about Shinjuku. He talked about old nemesis to unveil, and in Shinjuku he fought against Mortiarty, who is his old nemesis.

She’s dead. It is already known, or was there any signs that Flauros lied?
What really happened to Marisbury, and what was his plan?
He had a knowledge that he will die in 10 years, so he wanted to finish Chaldea before.

There are theories that she’s relevant in LB.

Wait until the LB Prologue drops and then watch her scenes in Case Files.