What's sadder (Poll)

  • The fact that I don’t have any bonus units for this TT so I’m forced to use the 4 star Picnic Leo you get.
  • The fact that he actually got two kills and did some rather respectable damage so maybe it isn’t all bad.

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p o l l


Wow, that was fast. GG


In the same boat. At 4.5% since I keep throwing every few orbs I get instead of saving up until I have 20.

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I’m saving for the legendary banner, I only did two sessions on the picnic one and three Stones on the Tempest trials focus one.

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It’s easy to forget that P!Leo has accually decent attack, especially with his base tome or owl.

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Its not that, it’s that he was level one and 4 stars. Have to say, he did well! Also how can I use this guy on enemy phase, I’m doing it on Lunatic out here.

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Where is: The fact that Flora has bloated stats and she always kills the whole of your team, which means you won’t get the highest score because your will have to use more than 1 team.


Two questions:

First, why not just carry Leo with three good units? As long as you’re not on the highest difficultly Flora is usually the only threat unless Idunn spawns with her, but Leo wouldn’t be fighting Flora anyways.

Secondly, why is it sad that Leo got two kills? Depending on the enemy he fights, he’s still going to do decent damage, especially if the enemy is blue or has low res. The reason he’s ‘bad’ is because there’s just better options than him.

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Oh wow.

Anyway, using Leo shouldn’t be a big deal. He comes pre build after all.

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I don’t see what’s so bad about using Leo in Tempest Trials.

Donnel tanks everything that’s not SF!Nino, and a healer can heal him in case he needs it.

I can bring a red unit like L!Ike or Tibarn to handle green units (like Nino).

Bonus Unit doesn’t matter.

Maybe I’m just lucky? Lol

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Oh, Flora’s a piece of cake, please. Tibarn gets the best of her every time. Shes the least of my worries.

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It wasn’t TOO bad, it just makes things a bit more difficult. I think I’ll be able to pull through though. Especially when he starts stacking levels. He got to level 7 in one round.

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It’s cause he’s level ONE!! I should have pointed that out, I’ll admit. Also I am using him with three great units. Tibarn, Adrift Corrin (M) and Winter Cecilia.

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I was meaning more in general I guess.

Many people make a big deal about Tempest Trials and units to use while I just send a DC unit to the middle of the room with Aether and wait for the next round. I’ve had a few TT where I had to use the bonus unit given rather than one I already had and it’s really not an issue, even at level 1.

Just make sure they’re out of the way so my DC tank can kill everything.


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I just use my main team for everything.

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Excuse me?! Not when she’s constantly adjacent to another armor unit! I have to use Kliff and he sort of does the job.

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When you said Flora I thought of the dagger version. :joy:

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They’re both Dagger units lmao.


I meant the Infantry one, lol.

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