Whats the deal with 1 block guards?

I think im too used to using aoe and ranged guards so neither leveled or used any 1 block guard other than skadi.
How do you use them? dont they leak easily since they only block 1? Why not use an aoe guard instead?

Simply, you use them to kill or damage dangerous enemyes than you retreat them.

A simple example: my favourite one, Melantha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , is great in early campaign to both kill the AoE Casters and to deal damage to W.

You see a enemy caster? You place a 1-block guard to fight him. Your guard will kill the caster, at that point you retreat. Rinse and repeat.

Sure they do. It’s the point of using a block 1 guard. Your guard has to fight only the target you want to kill

Because the point is killing a dangerous enemy, not defending a line

Surtr: THE arts delete button. Block-1. Nuff said.

Brawlers have low DP cost and can be deployed early (then there’s Mountain, who’s block-1 but isn’t :D).

Hellagur kills things that need killing and doesn’t need a medic.

Block-1 guards usually require a lot of investment, but they have high ATK. So you drop, say, a defender and then a block-1 guard before them, and while a defender tanks enemies, a guard kills them. Or use them as duelists for killing specific enemies.

Mousse does arts damage and debuff attack S1(the first Bob killer).(got Astesia recently but haven’t E2 her)

Utage is good for fast deploy+arts damage.(instead or to complement Skadi for example)

I want to develop a combo Liskarm + 1block guard but it’s not optimum for now.
I have tried with Skadi s3 and the brawlers.
Brawler are interesting with their fast attack but really lack damage, i use them with defense debuffers and now Skalter.

I don’t use mountain and Hellagur but they are know to be able to guard a line alone.
Mountain is used for his hp regeneration too for example these maps with poison.
Hellagur is for survival-duel single enemies like the avenger, i like his S2 with 70% dodge.(with Aak and others buffer)

Can we simply state that 1-block Guards are the best, for the single fact that Melantha is among them?



Rather than block 1 guards, it should be “Why AoE caster exist? or why aoe caster suck a lot” and maybe “why Sniper subclass had so much varieties from 4 tiles to 1 tiles attack range?”

Some have intended use, some fulfill different needs, some are broken, some are even more broken to the extent of overshadowing their own subclass or even other roles, some are good at certain situations, some are rarely used, and some are just plain horrible.

Turns out things aren’t always good/bad as on paper said, between gameplay or waifu reason, the reason is always there for them to be used, or not :fgo_gilgalaugh:

Offensively 1Block Guards tend to have higher Burst Damage and better Skill Rotations/Uptime than AoE Guards

Defensively, they only have to Tank melee dmg from one foe at a time, making it easier for Medics and/or passive heals to sustain them. This is especially relevant vs Arts Damage

There are 3 general tactics I use for 1 Block Guards:
Helidrop, Hammer&Anvil, and Flank-Watch

Helidrop is when you drop a Guard on an enemy, activate their skill, and retreat them when the enemies are dead. Think Surtr & Skadi

Hammer&Anvil is when I put a Defender behind the Guard. This is pretty favorable for Spellblade Guards since they have higher Def, Res, and can deal with armored enemies that AoE Guards would struggle with alone

Lastly, Flank-Watch is when a 1Block Guard solos a lane with minimal support. Usually these lanes have a handful of High Threat Enemies. This is the trickiest way to use 1Block Guards since u need to time Skills well to prevent leaks, but the payoff is being able to handle a lane with only one or two Operators

AoE Guards tend to have weak Burst Damage. They’re perfect for trash mobs, but Elite enemies with High Def, ATK, & HP can pose a threat to them.


so we have a few types of 1 block guards.
we have duelist guards like skadi
we have arts guards like surtr
we have brawlers like mountain.
and we have emnity guards like hellagur.

ranged guards , support, and dualstrike guards are block 2
AOE guards are block 3 (at e2)

you are treating block 1 as a liability. you put the block 1 in front, and a block 3 behind them (defender) they effectively have block 4 but the guard doesnt take more damage since only one of the 4 is blocked by the guard so they get away with less defense.

but lets go into the types of 1 block guards. Duelist guards are kinda for 1 v 1 situations. large HP pools and attack stats so they can survive hits from a single target while they take it down. made largely obsolete by surtr and her immortality.

Arts guards… do arts damage on the ground. why do you want arts damage on the ground? because on some maps its just easier to get your arts damage on the ground. and its more important than block of 2.

Brawlers are low attack high speed block 1 enemies. low cost so not very impressive something I’m not sure I’d recommend using (aside from mountain who has block 2 and regen and high attack) but yeah you put bigger stuff behind them so they dont leak while they go in front and deal damage to one enemy at a time. very good against early rushes not that you really need to worry too much of that, vanguards are typically used if you do.

and finally emnity guards. which again were mostly rendered obsolete by surtr, but have their uses. the block 1 allows them to manage damage so they don’t take lethal damage as easily.

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Helidrop killing. solo lane holding, typically has high stats or ways of staying alive (Hellagur, Skadi, Surtr, Mountain, etc)

Yeah but you’re not gonna use them to sponge hits like a Defender, you’re using them to either take out key threats or hold lanes using their offensive skills and survivability. It’s also map dependent as depending on what enemies go through the lane the Block 1 might not even matter most of the time. It’s really short-sighted imo to just look at Block-1 and assume it’s bad without looking at actual scenarios, kits, or synergy with other team members


1 block guard has more survivability than 2 or 3 block guards because they only block 1 enemies and they can focus on hard hitting ones or mini bosses i.e Duelist Guards like Melantha, Flamebringe or Skadi are often used against enemies Spellcasters type enemies because they typically have low def and attacks slower

The opposite version of them Arts Guards are usually deployed against Armored enemies i.e Surtr/Mousse yes you can argue that Casters exists but they cannot block enemies which is why Arts Guards has more advantage than them against Armored enemies