Whats the Deal with Luvdisc

Has it got any use apart from being Pink!

No. It’s a dex filler with a chance of being shiny. In that case one could trade it for something, but otherwise it has absolutely no use.

I would love if it could just evolve into Alomomola though, it at least looks like a better Milotic on defense.

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Luvdisc, a disc of luv. Seems simple enough


Until very recently, I actually thought Luvdisc evolved into Alomolola, which just recently got released. Because, let’s be honest, it really looks like it should.

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Yeah luvdisc belongs in the pile with the likes of shuckle, delibird and smeagal etc you can always put them in battles with your friends and see which would win lol

This reminds me of when a friend of mine did a battle against me where we both used Mons under 300 CP. He led with Shuckle. Damn thing swept my entire team and just would. not. die. Definitely don’t f*ckle with Shuckle! :rofl:


I renamed a bunch of Pokémon and traded them to my nephews account the night before his birthday. The new names became a birthday message. It was tricky because I had to trade them in reverse order, and I looked for Pokémon that had something to do with the rename. Lit wick was ‘birthday’ because its the closest to a cake. There were a couple of party hats, and Luvdisc was ‘love’. That’s what it’s for.


Future posts:

“Countering the Shuckle meta”
“trying to get Lugia under 300 cp pls help?”
“rate my Smeargle moveset”


Can you imagine shuckle cp cap was much higher it would genuinely be the most annoying pokemon it would be like when it’s in the 3 star raids but much worse lol

Immortus Shuckle, Face of Reckoning



Imagine hatching a 7KM egg and it turns out to be the most pathetic excuse: Luvdisc. (I want Riolu, damnit!!)


I’m pretty sure that’s sure that’s happened to me last week I literally only have 1 Riolu from the 7km eggs and it’s been the only one I’ve had and this was only last year I got it and I’ve been playing since pogo launched lol