What's the fastest way to get bond points? New acc JP

I screwed up and made a new account late. Now I need to farm bond for Waver.

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Don’t be afraid to use up your SQ and golden apple to replenish your AP game play is what I would suggest here.

The short answer is free quests.

If you’re intent on focusing on bond points, free quests starting in Camelot give the highest amount per AP spent, at least on the NA side of things. I’m not sure if it’s different in JP, but unless they’ve started putting out more bond-efficient free quests since then the royal castle in Camelot is the earliest free quest you can get with the highest rate. That said, progressing story missions also tends to give a lot, and Salem gives all caster servants more bond per story mission completed.

Find friends who have Chaldea Lunch time , Dinner time + heroic portrait CE’s will increase your bond gain while doing quest. I’m not sure how hard it is to find those types of CE’s from Friend support in JP but it’s rather common in NA.

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Main quest + chaldea teatime :fgo_buster:

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Doesn’t JP have the new nighttime (dinnertime?) CE that gives 15% bond? also I remember the easiest bond farm is hidden village in camelot, but if you keep waver in your line up, he is probably at bond 5 way before that if you are early on in the story. Just rainbow apple if necessary

Why do you need to farm bond for Waver? He’s useful in literally every team, he reaches max bond effortlessly. Plus, I’d say 2030 is better on him in most situations, anyway.

Is there something special going on in JP that requires max bond on servants?

There’s a free SSR giveaway in JP right now with the SSR servant picked have to reach bond 5 and cleared Orleans by Jun 30th if i remember correctly.

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There’s a SSR ticket that allows you to keep your servant only after obtaining Bond 5 after a specific date. Most of the players picked Waver out of what was available.

As said above, the SSR servant must be bond 5 before the end of June.
I was planning to take a break from FGO in June after getting NP5 welfare and some mats during guda guda 3. I planned focusing on other stuff during that time but after getting both Dino lady and Voyager in JP, I might reconsider.

Bond 5 should be no problem. Goes very quickly with FQs since the bond point reward to AP required is much better.


Another rquirement is to get the Servant 1st Ascension Stage.


Ahh, okay. I knew about the free SSR ticket, but I didn’t expect anybody would seek advice on getting to bond 5. ;-)

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Have you tried Free Quests with the highest level? They tend to give tons of bind points. Even better if you have your own CL along with a Support CL, along with as many bond boosting CEs you can get.