What's the meta RFHG team over in CN right now?

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I’m redoing my echelons overall, and am working on building up more forces for gameplay meta shifts, and I wanna know what the “main” RFHG team is over there atm.

EN has started to hit the point where the WASVD + Holy Trinity meta RFHG starts to lose out in efficiency and effectiveness as enemy armor stats start to inflate. I know Lee M14 becomes the next main ‘duo’ (especially with M14 MODIII being here), but even that team gets replaced later.

I’ve heard that the current meta is something along the lines of Lee + IWS or Grape + IWS, but I can’t find anything concrete about it, and even if that’s correct I’m not sure which HGs go into that team if it’s not the Holy Trinity.

Anybody have any insight?