What's the most intense Shiny encounter you've had?

Personally finding a shiny in the wild, especially the shiny of a rare or valuable Pokemon, is always a bit of a rush. You start to notice the slight (or not-so-slight) color variation before you get a face-full of sparkles. Then (if you’re like me) you pull out the golden razzmatazz & your ultra balls and pray rng doesn’t make them dash off of the screen. Not particularly trying to talk legendaries here, because unless you’ve had an interesting/unique experience, typically all goes well and you get to catch 'em on the first throw with a pinap. But today I tapped a Lapras as it spawned and lo & behold…

Took 4, maybe 5 great or excellent curved ultra ball golden razz throws to capture 'em. After the first time it broke out my heart had already started to race lol. Can’t remember the last time finding/catching a shiny was so intense… Anyone else have any similar stories/experiences? (Extra points if you’ve got one about a legendary :tipping_hand_woman:)

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During a dragon week a shiny Gible spawned in my living room but I had no pokeballs. My iphone was newish and I was having difficulty buying pokecoins on it, always trying to set up security fingerprint/questions, etc. I had no gifts left to open. I went into other accounts and sent myself a gift each time…the first 4 resulted in no pokeballs…the fifth manufactured gift finally gave me some pokeballs.


Im fairly sure shinys cant flee so no need to panic

Shinies from winning raids cannot flee but shinies found in the wild can flee.

Of course, research encounters cannot flee, whether shiny or not.

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Only from T5 raids the shinies have an 100% catch rate (but if you would miss every ball the shiny would flee, or you can be speed-locked)

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I got speed locked while traveling in a car, James was giving me a shiny Weezing. A bit late for it, but now I know there is way to catch something in that situation. Quickly put it in airplane mode, take it off then go right to trying to catch it. Maybe berry it before trying that sequence.

I started feeling some anxiety just reading your shiny Gible story! You did catch it, right? :crossed_fingers:


Yes I caught it. Did one lucky friend trade shiny Gible for shiny Gible, friend got 15/15/13 level 30 (maxed just one hp short). Mine 13/12/15. I have two shiny Gible left for other 1 for 1s.


Not in Pokemon GO, but probably in Soul Silver where i found a shiny Articuno and i caught it.


My first time seeing a Shiny Chansey during the first Go Fest Makeup.

It’s my first time seeing it and it was 497 CP.

I didn’t know what happened, but I used a GRB, Curveball, Great Throw. It basically ignored catch rates and popped out.

Thank god it didn’t flee, caught it on 2nd ball.

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True, if you were unfortunate enough to miss your 8-20 throws you would lose your guaranteed shiny legendary… lol… but I had no idea about speed lock. And I even ran a raid train that did at least 6 Raikou back to back where we had to drive between each location, often driving away as soon as the raid was over and catching them on the drive. Surprised that never happened to me… :grimacing:

I had a perfect shiny Kyogre from a raid, shundo clamperl from a quest and a wild onyx.

I had a strange experience… My game was little crazy, and It was running from one side to the other until it stopped somewhere 2 blocks away and a pidgey appeared… A shiny pidgey. I was shocked haha.

This is wrong, only research shinies won’t flee

And then I found a shiny cresselia towards at the end of the Sinnoh Throwback quests