What's the new narrative on Grailing?

The previous general consensus I saw the community have WRT grailing servants was to grail who you love more than focusing too much on gameplay.

Now that the level cap is 120, what’s the new narrative ? I didn’t catch many people talking about this in great detail.
How much does this change potential grail choices ? The extra 20 levels clearly give a sizeable stat boost and can definitely improve the gameplay of an otherwise decent servant.
How do we plan our targets ?
How else do we get Servant coins ? Bond levels may be doable on the long run, but extra copies of SSRs are something only whales can do. And Summer 6 definitely didn’t show anything along the lines of being able to get empty servant coins as an alternative.
Is this going to be a heavily whale-centric feature where only the high spenders get their super special lvl 120 servant and leave the F2P players in the dust ?
Or are we going to remain with the same old, “level for love” ?

I’ve personally used up most of my grails to level my favorites, which left me with little to no grails when the servant coin system landed. Some of those that were grailed did not end up seeing much use and I regretted that because those grails could have gone into making another servant stronger.

I feel like a lot more care and planning is needed at this point when choosing grail targets because of the sheer amount of resources we need to invest into a servant to get there. I haven’t put more thought into what else this feature entails, so feel free to add or argue anything.


120 is a big investment, with the resources coming in as slow or slower than gold fou (another 10 grails + 4k odd 5or 12k or so 4 embers). It gives a big bump in attack since it’s another 20 levels of linear growth, however it’s still a case of uber grail your fav.

Whoever is the best at farming now won’t be forever. New supports will come. Another servant like Melusine will come.

Rather than 120 changing who you grail, it changes how many servants you grail. And potentially how many dupes you pull, as that’s the goal of the coin system.


Grail for love? I am sure with AA, it has become an exception.


Not if you love big crits it hasn’t

  1. Use on a servant you like. That part hasn’t changed.
  2. Use on a Servant you use frequently enough to somewhat justify the resources.

I don’t think the core reasoning is that different from how it was before, just that you have to be more selective since the cost is a lot higher. Like, the two reasons I listed above are not mutually exclusive. It’s always best to choose a Servant that qualifies for both if possible.


So, to summarise:

120 grail Geronimo or else.


Angry CasGilles noises :fgo_gilles_averdi:


I would salute the mad man who actually pulls that off


The point in “grail for love” was always that everyone was functional at their base levels, and grails should be expended on Servants you’ll use frequently since you’ll get the most mileage out of their expanded stats. Function at base levels hasn’t changed, so I see the argue remaining more or less stagnant.

That said, the increased stat cap does more for some Servants than others. A Servant whose main complaint is poor bases (e.g Scherezade) will be brought up to par, and a Servant whose main claim to fame is good bases (e.g. Jalter) will outstrip their competitors even further. Depending on which one of those you find more influential, you might make a tactical gameplay pick to patch up a Servant that only lacks in damage but is otherwise good across the board or to min-max out the absolute ever-loving shit of your heavy hitters. Conversely, Servants who mainly benefit from skills (like supports) see neglible benefit from grailing (I say, looking out from the balcony of my level 100 Merlin’s tower of Avalon), and wasting additional grails on them just adds to the cost.

So nothing’s really changed, but it does open up a few new arguments - gen pools and low rarities are easier to get to 120, so they’ve recieved a soft power bump, and the sheer stat growth can allow you to do things grailing to 100 couldn’t. But basically requiring bond 15 and/or NP5 to even attempt lvl 120ing, for most, I think it sort of sorts itself back out to being more or less the same as it always was for all but the largest of deep-sea creatures.




My love is pure, Shiki-enthusiast!


For 120, at the bare minimum, you need an np2 bond 15 SSR and you cannot touch append skills. Np3 bond 15 is 120 plus an append skill.

This is a bullshit whale mechanic for maxed everything. DW doesn’t even give you option to whale on some characters anymore RIP archer Artoria bros.


as a lv 100 absolutist pre-6th anniversary, my personal stance on 100 vs 120 is that 120 is for a specific top level favorite, and 100 is the baseline grail for everyone else you’d grail. It’s also ideally also a dual gameplay and love grail decision, since that extra 2k attack means a lot, and giving it to someone who can’t really use it isn’t ideal.

my plan at the moment, personally, is to go with both Seis assuming she’s nice to me in terms of np levels for Valentines.

i’m also assuming that the thing i remember them saying about coins being obtainable outside np and bond levels will be true as time goes on, so that it’s less of a whales only club to have both grails and appends, and alleviate the issue with bond levels for post-6th anniversary servants like the seven summer 6 servants.


Just pretend it doesn’t exist and I will keep grailing other people I find interesting to 100 :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

I never have enough grails and I don’t like sacrificing my grail plans for one or two Ultra(?) Servant.


fixed it…


Until we see DW giving away some kind of universal servant coins I won’t even bother with thinking who to ultra grail. Finishing grailing to 100 all my favs and append skills take priority, anyway.


You underestimate some people.

They probably want to finish both sisters at the same time.


If you have spare coin after using it on Mana Loading skill then just grail those servant :fgo_seibagun:
This is 2 years ahead, before servant coin system come they will add another invention to upgrade servant :catcry:


personally I’ve been using the term hyper servant as the term for what’s above a traditional super servant (lv 100/2k fous/triple lores)

this doesn’t account for stopping at 110 (or any other 2 level increment past 100) for some reason, but it seems odd that you’d commit to that point but not continue, so I have just been ignoring that option.

EDIT: technically super servant specifically denotes np5 as well, so i’m not actually sure that even super applies to not np5, but at that point there’s no terminology involved that i’m aware of.


I love his damage does that count?