What's the problem with Arknights and Tags?

Never gotten before a Senior Tag, nor a Crowd Control, nor a Nuker.

So…today. All togheter!

Why Tags are so weird? Either you don’t get them or you get a bunch of Top Quality tags at the same time.

The choices, the choices…

In the end, i lucked out.

Crowd Control could have given me Texas, Mayer and Red.

Got the one i wanted :grinning:

Texas! Lappland is waiting for you in my Rhode Island since Febrauary! Aren’t you happy? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Still…today a Texas and a SilverDaddy. Lucky Arknight day.

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While we don’t have anything to say exactly how they set up their recruitment tag “rarity”, it is very clear that it’s not just each tag is counted separately without consideration for the others. Whether it’s that they are in pre-made sets with their own rarity or in “rarity sets” or something else, it is very common that if you get one rare tag you get more than one.
Meanwhile, the tag combination that gets you either Vulcan or Liskarm - Defender (or Defense) and DPS - while are very common tags on their own are extremely rare to see together. It looks like the link to the crowdsourced research isn’t on the Gamepress site anymore, but I remember looking at it before and each of those tags on their own had around a 25% chance, but together was about a 0.5% - I remember for certain it was less common than the Top Operator tag.

That said, congrats on getting Texas! I’m still waiting on both her and Lappy.

Well, in the end i can’t complain.

I’ve been lucky with Tags so far.

Thank you! Hope you’ll get them too

Wait, Defender & DPS is useful? I just refreshed that 5 minutes ago because I’m fishing for vanguards :'D

That’s Liskarm or Vulcan(the recruitment limited Op) guarantee tags. Well i say guarantee, but there’s a small chance of the tags falls of.

Sees Crowd Control

Sees Texas