What's the usage on Mila these days? Anyone still use her often?

With Embla’s release I was thinking about doing an overhaul on my current defense but it’d require removing Sara on a Rally Trap so I’d be weak to Mila. That said, does anyone even use her anymore? Seems like most defenses these days are reliant on either 2 dancers or 0 all together.


I use her in every match but that’s mainly because she is my second most merged mythic. Most of the time she’s just serving as a smite bot since save balls and galeforce teams literally don’t care about dancers.

I think her usefulness will increase drastically with Embla bringing back the mobility meta because you’ll need to be able to shut down rally, restore and dancer traps.

Even if the enemy team has two dancers it will be crucial to be able to remove one variable for anticipating the AI movements.


I’m still using Bride Fjorm. It’s a good alternative for someone who doesn’t have Mila.


I don’t have Mila

If the defence runs two dancers there is probably an intended use for both in a trap setup. So being able to reduce the potantial of maps is still a huge value, even if it does not shut them down compleatly.
And whit embla her usage will only become more frequent. So I do not see her being less relevant since launch, and defences should most definetly be built whit her in mind


What style of defense are you going for? Catria ball? High threat range? High threat range with turn 1/2 rush? Because if you’re going for Embla-supported cavline I don’t see why Mila would matter much so. And then on Catria balls I’m not even convinced having a dancer is consistently an advantage against high-level play because it increases the risk of units overextending (but getting double output from a key attacker is a considerable payoff so I’m not sure)

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I’m not a fan of cav lines, but I do have a spark available for this latest banner. Might use that to grab Veronica instead since the two both like to punish support.

Trying to get a Cat-ball started but I’m so used to only using B!Alm with a setup. Everything else just seems to have too many holes that the previous setup didn’t have or had to a lesser extent. If I had Duo Chrom(Cancerous unit but I’m now regretting not summoning for him) I think the complete removal of a dancer would be fine.

Dancers can work, you just have to use them properly… which is just another headache at this point.

Well, your B.Alm attack killed save tanks so I don’t see why you should feel like you need to go Embla defense right away

I do suggest to everyone to have Veronica though. This is a superunit and really narrows the range of playable strategies by the opponent

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I suppose Embla isn’t necessary but a remake on a defense might be needed. Alm is hard countered by Dimitri and most people nuke the far save before Alm is even able to do anything. I need more defensive support and potentially another unit like Yune to take care of the more bulky blues.

Last dark season I ended up going about 2-7. First two attacks were victories while the rest were complete defeats.