What's up with Kyurem?


In the attackers tier list, Kyurem is in it, yet kyurem is considered REALLY bad by gamepress, but it’s still in the tier list, while pokemon who gamepress treat positively like lugia are not in it. There’s also no explanation, which still confuses me why kyurem is on the attackers tier list.

Just stat spread. Lugia is a defensively strong Pokémon, which hasn’t mattered for a legendary until PVP came around.

Kyurem is a good pokemon, with a different typing it will top the charts (like if it had a fast ice move it will be better than mamoswine).

However as a dragon there are better choices. Powering it up may not be worth it with RC .

Black Kyurem and White Kyurem?

BTW they are Placeholders.

The normal Kyurem is Mediocre. I just basically stopped raiding them after 3 days because I got a 98% to max within 3 days and they were extremely frustrating to catch unlike Reshiram and Zekrom.