What's with GHB BST?

So I was looking at Riev for a potential arena merge project. He would work well with L!Lucina. He also has a prf tome so he can run infantry hexblade or other support C skills. However, I was looking at his BST and it’s frightfully low. 170 while infantry ranged units are around 177 nowadays. I was thinking that this was just a return of the dumb “old people get less BST” thing, but other GHB mages released after CYL have the same scoring. (Pelleas 171, Aelfric 171). Oh well, at least he makes good use of R Duel 4. I’ll probably still use him if I manage to pick up a spare Marianne before his rerun.


Mages just have lower BST than Physical Ranged units that’s why


Sometime around Book III bows and daggers got a boost to their BST compared to mages, likely because magic damage is usually superior to physical damage