What's worse than trying to max multiple servants?

Trying to max multiple servants that are in the SAME CLASS.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Actually it’s farming skill materials for multiple servants… in the same class… NEEDING DIFFERENT MATS IN UNHOLY NUMBERS.
Bye I’m off to farm Aurora Steel, then Stingers, then Proofs, then Bones, then…

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See, my problem isn’t the mats.
It’s the gems…
Dear god the gems…


I feel both of you with my Tamamo and Skadi, but I’d like to add the QP needed for two SSRs to the list as well


Not getting the servant you were rolling for.


Maxing out two SSRs - Level and Skills - costs you exactly 344.114.500 QP.
Feel free to do with that knowledge whatever you want

Edit: I’m not sure I ever had such a high QP count at any point. I’ll always find someone to use them on immediatly.

Well, in this last week I’ve grailed three servants (one from 90 to 100 and two from 80 to 90), fully leveled to 90 the one I got from the GSSR and another SSR from 60 to 80.

The embers haven’t been an issue, just farming a bit more than usual, but the gems… My God the gems.

I feel you man, they are bad, bad civ :fgo_badciv:

Thanks for the knowledge. I know the scale of how much I need to spent on one servant a little bit because I’m using a spread sheet to keep track of how many mats/gems/QPs I need for all of my servants. For example, right now I still need 2 billion QP, 1100 proofs, 700 bones, 600 chains and 200 secret caster gems

Having multiple servants that require Gem of Caster and Heart of the Foreign God when you have none of either left. Man the drop rates at Shinjuku Gyoen are bad for both.


Somehow i’ve never had any problems with gems, i almost ran out of casters gems because it’s the class i summoned the most but i never had to farm any.

I guess the Christmas 2019 lottery event really saved me on this part, can’t say the same for the mats though.

Didn’t appreciate the full worth of the lottery the last time there was one, so I’m already waiting for Gilfest. Got 300 golden apples saved for that

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Yeah, farming hard those events really pays off in the long run.

I can’t wait for Gilfest to finally get out of this void dust hell i’m in right now.

Max 3 SSR of the same class

Of course how could I forget the true hidden despair. Also it sucks to be out of AP when you have so much to farm.

I’ve always seen QP hell as slow, torturous and most of all so eternal that it just becomes everyday life.

Does this ‘max’ include grails to Lv 100 or up to 90?

Leveled 4 SSR to 90, Leveled 2 SR to 80. 6-6-6 all 6 servants except for 2 of them I am working on 10-10-10. Watched as those sweet Honeycrisp Golden :apple: were eaten away. Trying to hang on to the last 10 for Gilfest, but it is going to be tough when so much QP is needed for SSR skills from lvl 8 thru 10 and the Doors AP coat is only 20. Baka!

Oh so true! I rolled archer GSSR and got 2 archer spooks on skadi banner, so now I have FOUR new archers begging for gems, plus Jeanne needing 15 more. I only had ~23 secret archer to start with.

I did a little apple munching in training grounds and got more than expected. I think 13 out of 5-6 silvers. It was enough so tesla could max s2/3 and 5 more for Jeanne s3 when I get the lancer gems. Atalante, chiron, and especially Orion must wait for Gilfest


See, my problem currently isn’t archers.
Its casters.


My main focuses are helena, hans, Mozart, sieg, casgil, umu, and sanzang.
Needless to say, caster gems will be haunting my dreams for a looong while.


At least caster gems have a phenomenal drop rate in training grounds. It’s more unusual to have a run without a secret gem drop than it is to have two of them drop in my experience. It’s the main reason my vast army of casters are largely skilled and I still have ~60 waiting for the skadi who’s elusive.