Whats your 3 turn farm setup for daily quests

As we wait for nerofest im sure we’re all just farming dailies so it got me wondering about different 3 turn setups. Go ahead and flex ur squads. :fgo_rinlaugh:

Turn 1: activate arash 3rd skill and cha cha 1st skill. Use spritron transfer on arash then make him np.
Turn 2: waver comes in charges kiyo to 100 (also giving cha cha 20%) then kiyo nps
Turn 3: chachas 1st skill will give her the last 10% np she needs.

Id say my squads rather f2p friendly. I do have my own waver but as hes bond 10 im reluctant to use him. Also I dont own a k scope. The squad might fail 3 turns if wave 1 has lancers.


Man, everyone flexing these 3 turn setups and I’m like “dude, why did I even level these Kiyohime-Chacha-Arash mans if I’m not even using them?” :fgo_astolfo:

I just kinda do whatever classes are good. NP gauge 50%+ CEs help a lot, and a borrowed waver helps get it closer, even better if they have a battery skill.

Now that I think about it, since I do have those three servants, and many ready-to-borrow Wavers, why is it that I haven’t used such a setup before? You’re telling me I had various 3 turn setups ready to go?

PEOPLE, GIVE ME IDEAS! This is a realm of the game I had no idea I had access to!


I have arash with mlb imaginary element for wave 1, Nitocris with 10/8/x for wave 2, then kscope and someone with a battery and superiority for 3rd wave (Medusa, jalter lily, chacha, etc). If the 3rd wave contains a high hp boss like the training grounds, then arash’s replacement is usually a st battery servant and another kscope or hns, depending on how much charge they need (kintoki rider, Chloe, saberlot, etc).

I try to avoid needing waver for daily stuff so I can pick any support with mlb lunchtime or mona lisa (don’t have my own waver). Also have never really relied a the mages np charge which leaves me free to level any MC (currently Atlas, need the CD reduction for CQs)

My general all around 3 turn squad:

I almost always get a support Waver/ Helena/Ozy with them. Angra and nito are there for bond

On Lancer/assassin day I use this 3 turn squad:

I almost always get a support Waver/ Helena/Ozy with them. Angra and nito are there for bond

Finally my door killing 3 turn team:

I usually just find a mlb Mona Lisa and throw them in the back. Mary read is my own Mona Lisa holder and drake is there for bond until I max her battery skill at which point she will replace Medusa.

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I dont have any
okay okay listen up.
Is there any " a budget servant for NP gauge fills for field servants like waver"?
It’s in my mind for a while but i dont like open a thread for every question come to my mind.

Before I got that K-scope I used Chacha, her def debuff helped Arash oneshot Lancers.
With Waver and Bunyan’s buster buff Arash deals 26k resistant damage :grin:
Could have used Spartacus for the final with HNS or such but he’s at bond 10.

I’ll probably replace one of them with Astolfo, guess it depends on who first gets the next bond level.

This one works pretty well. Penth’s NP hit for 247k so it will work for all the training grounds.

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Best budget option currently is Helena. In a year and a half Hans is getting a nice buff though.

And there is also mash who can give 20% np to one servant.

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Shakespeare have 20% targetable np charge.

Arash, Spartacus and Shakespeare plus a support Berserker with a MLB K-scope should work.
With the Mage’s Association MC both Arash and Spartacus will reach 100%.

If you use a Golden Sumo and has Fou’d Arash he might be able to wack Lancer Hands. 22-27k damage.

Edit: When the Journey west rerun arrives we get a CE that gives a 15% teamwide Buster buff for 3 turns so if that is given to Shakespeare you should be able to kill them with no face cards.


I grab a support Waver in this setup. Chacha needs to use her NP charge skill so that she can NP on wave 2.

Relies on NP loops. I have to hit the 24k door in wave 1 and 2 to around 14k so that I get the 100% refund.

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Time to roll that caster class banner then.

Well so with this post i’ll go out of my room and take a walk in my cheldea to ask around who would need those xp cards.
I poke Bunyan and she just went sleeping after looking at me with sleepy eyes. I can’t say no to this cute girl. Spartacus was eager to pull this out but i’m kind of scared of him. Maybe Kiyohime? Hmmmm-no.
Okay so in the end i’ll go with some aeo NP to second wave as support while i ask Arash for first wave and Raikou for last wave.

3 command spells for 3 AOE NPs


press charge ability, press ult QP farming
I borrow anyone with a Mona Lisa CE because I don’t have one :fgo_jeannu:

Here I borrow a waver with bond CE (I don’t have one of these either :fgo_jeannu: ) and use his 3rd ability to charge Arash to full, this can kill any first wave unless it has a gold Lancer, which will need another normal attack after

Press red, they dead basaka farming for when I’m farming bronze mobs and tired of watching NPs


I’ll level spartacus, shakespeare and bunyan after nerofest. Maybe spartacus during nerofest along with budget-rome lancer. But I’m really out of everything since i raise Raikou.

@Psi This guy has the right idea.

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That reminds me of my team. Only difference is that I use Bunyan for the second wave.
Perhaps you can oneshot the gold Lancer if you switch positions with Spartacus and Bunyan.
With that Buster buff I’m pretty sure even Lancers will die.

Honestly a lot of 3 turn setups require something like 2 MLB Imaginaries or something, but eh.
Kiyohime is just a regular old berserker. I believe she does strong NP AoE damage but she provides little for farming.
Arash has proven to be quite useful. Even with just a 50% charge CE you can use the Hogwarts suit to charge him up to 100%
Chacha is quite useful and works kinda well with even non-MLB Imaginary. Use her NP charge skill. Since it’s charge per turn you can reach some percentages to help save np batteries, like only using Waver’s 2nd Skill when you reach 90% np gauge.

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Spartacus is a good choice but you need to raise his skill almost all the way for him to be useful… kind of like Arash.

Shakespeare is a lighter investment. His battery is gained from a rank-up so you only need to max ascend him and it provides 20% at all levels.

Bunyan is a nice support option for many scenarios but her short NP is a boon for farming.
The lack of battery means you will probably rely on a Waver or a CE with a high starting gauge.
If you choose a Waver then Shakespeare will not be needed.

Gem hell is a horrible place. Good thing that the nerofest will provide a bunch though in your case it might be a bit of catch 22.
You need gems to farm gems in an effective manner.

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Kaleido(DPS)+Kaleido(On Helena)+MLB IE(2nd DPS, if possible pick the one with np charge)

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QP Farming in NA:

Ember farming in NA:

Lancer-Assassin Ember Farming in JP:

Replace Gawain with Arash for other Ember Farming.

Also have a super expensive team for Ember/QP farming: