What's your best summer servant?

A- Most entertaining (animations, sprite)

B-Most useful

Important: the servants that you already have managed to summon, not the ones you do not have yet

For me:

A- Surfer Mordred. As much as i like my Kiyo Lancer… we are talking about Mordred. Bashing the…out of enemyes with a surf table. How could someone ever beat that?

B- Can’t say. Probably Tama Lancer but i don’t know. (also

Easy, scath and scath


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Not culture, it’s the only one I have :fgo_jeannu:


well i hope you’ll get other ones,if you are planning to roll tho

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Of course my target is best demon Nobu, but I think I will try a bit with archuria because she’s that good to use.

Personally it would be summer artoria cause she the only summer unit I got 10/10/10 plus I I love her second ascension.

Second would be tamashark for her np alone cause that is one of the best things ever


Martha ruler. not only shes my only summer servant but shes pretty helpful and strong. not only ccc event but way before that she was useful to me as a last hope brick wall and divine destroyer


A. Martha.

B. Archuria.

animations are a tie between kiyolancer and assscat

mordred is by far the most useful though, to the point where she’s probably never leaving my doors farming team. only support for her being changed out as everyone else hits bond10

My Surfer Mordred is NP3 and i think she’s going to be in my main team.
Her NP at level 3 allow me to use overcharge 300%, that gives her a 70% chance to drain 1 charge to all enemyes.

Knowing that she is fast in getting the gauge filled, she could be a stalling servant even better than Tamamo.

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no joke, the biggest reason I want to get her up to at least np2 is just to see how much past 100% her np bar refills itself for me during door farming

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Only problem with these summer servants is that there are no interludes nor strenghten quests.

Most entertaining, greatest flavour, general fluff? Got Mo, Annemarie and Kiyo thus far…got to be a tie between Annemarie and Kiyo…although, Annemarie edge out a bit - Anne is lovely <3

Most useful? I’ll raise all of them eventually, but if I had to prioritize, it would probably be Annemarie first, Kiyo second, Mo distant 3rd.

Most entertaining is certainly Caster Marie. Just love that she’s playing beach volleyball with the enemies and her NP is soooo pretty.

Most useful is probably Lancer Kiyohime, I use her every time I have to take down an archer boss. (Although I just rolled Tamalancer, she will most likely take Kiyos role as soon as the latter gets to bond 10 or the archer is male.)

I’ve not used my summer servants much, I have only used Anne/Mary and Scathach so far since I got them last year. Scathach takes the win for me.

As for usefulness… my Mordred should be able to loop come Nerofest so…

I broke and went for the GSSR and I got the “king” in a bikini

I wanna die

oh lmao, I completely forgot I also have casmarie

well I have so many casters to begin with, so she’s still sitting at lv70 1/1/1

bad civilization comment right here

stage 2 ascension is the ebst though

Why couldnt it have been someone good :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: