What's your dream servant that isn't in the game?

I thought it would be fun to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! I’m not talking about servants that exist on JP and aren’t on the NA server yet, but basically divide this into three categories:

Servant from your personal background: can be from the country you’re from or the culture you were brought up in. If you’re mixed like me, then the more the merrier!

Personal bias: what it says on the tin. Doesn’t have to have anything to do with you personally. A composer, a deity, a mythological figure, a national hero you can’t shut up about? Tell me all about it!

A servant from another piece of Fate media: they’re not in FGO, but you know them from CCC, Extella, strange/fake or any of the other novels and you’re just dying to see them in the game.

I hope you guys find this discussion fun! I certainly would love to read what you have to say! Here are my own answers if you want to see them.


Personal background: we already have a lot of French servants, but we can always have MORE! I’d personally love a 3 star Archer La Fontaine and a 4 or 5 star Assassin Voltaire. Because we need writers that aren’t always Casters.
As for Latin American servants, I know the last lostbelt will be in Latin America so I’m waiting to see what we get and hoping I won’t be disappointed (I’m like 75% sure the LB king will be Black Tezcatlipoca and I’m both excited for and dreading the design if that’s the case)

Personal bias: MY GIRL HATSHEPSUT!!! I want her to be the most OP Egyptian 5 star in the game. If I could have my way I’d make her a Ruler, because everything you think of when you think of the word “Pharaoh” she started it, but the Ruler class is supposed to be for saints only (yes I know the game itself ignores this left and right, but I’m trying to play by the rules here!) so if Ozy gets to be a Rider because of his mural depicting him on his battle against the Hittites with an NP that is two damn pyramids for some reason (even though the Ramesseum is a temple full of columns!!!), then I’d love for Hatshepsut to be a 5 star Lancer with an NP where she throws her obelisk at you like a javelin.

Also I’m glad the Requiem event gave us Momiji and Voyager but could I push my luck and ask for Longinus too? I just want more older male servants!


Dante Alighieri. He would probably be a Caster (foreigner maybe? I don’t know). Also from what I read Requiem introduced the Borgia siblings, I’m not a fan of their design but the original Cesare and Lucrezia had a very interesting story.

I can’t think about other italian servants, I always loved Leonardo Da Vinci and well, we already got him so more Da Vinci? Summer Da Vinci? Male Da Vinci?

Edgar Allan Poe, again caster or foreigner. Maybe possessed by a demon related to the raven he wrote about in that poem? I appreciate him as an artist, and raven is my favorite animal, I would whale for him unless he’s a cute loli or something like that

Violet from CCC Fox Tail. I love her design, I love her personality, I love the Sakura fives, CCC and the EXTRA universe in general.

Also Francesca/François Prelati from Strange Fake. I know nothing about them or Strange Fake but I love the design and the story of the real Prelati


Avenger Hamlet (Amleth) is the dream


And so is

  1. Summeramis/Any Semi alt for that matter
  2. Saber Hiji
  3. Summer Adult Vinci or Christmas Baby Vinci
  4. A way to get Kariya Matou in the game :crazy_face:

I want to see Jesus in the game.
I laugh every time I picture Jesus in FGO.
I guess he would be a ruler right?

“Hey Tom, did you see Okita’s NP? I swear to god, FGO just got lit.”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, Frank. Check this out!”
Proceeds to pull out Jesus
“Well I’ll be damned Tom”


I’d like another American servant that doesn’t feel like a villain or a joke. Maybe someone like Paul revere or Benjamin Franklin


Alkeides but he’ll be just another good archer.

Marie Curie or someone related to radioactivity or maybe even Einstein himself for nuke memes np.


Servant from your personal background: Nothing really important
Personal bias: nothing comes to my mind
Another Fate media: Saber Venus (because why not), Perseus (if they are going to use servants of Prototype the use this dude, there is never enough greek servants)


Then give me a Shinji please, give me my boi

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Servant from personal background: Sun Wukong. He was my childhood hero ever since I saw Dicky Cheung’s quirky rendition of him and especially since I was also born in the year of the monkey. When I first started FGO, I was excited at the prospect of a Servant version of him but when I saw Sanzang who uses his staff to attack instead, I knew he wasn’t here and he wasn’t going to be here. Honestly kind of disappointing.

Personal bias: Kind of wish for an Abe no Seimei Servant. I’m surprised FGO hadn’t released him yet but then again, since he was mentioned in passing at the end of Shimousa, maybe he’ll be introduced when Caster or Limbo is also reintroduced?

But honestly, I’d love to see Servants based on cultures other than America, Europe, and Asia like Africa other than Egypt, the Pacific Islands, more South America, Canada Arctic regions.


Can I please get an Archer Karna? please DW, please, I beg you.
Also Krishna, probably a Ruler

Empress Sisi, idk about her class but l’d like to see her.
Anyone from the tons of Greek, Irish, Norse, etc. myths. I’d like to see representation of the Chinese myths too. Also Mayan, Korean, basically all the pantheons across the globe.
Lady Macbeth, Hamlet, other Shakespearean characters.
Especially Lady Macbeth tho, probably Caster.
H P Lovecraft, as grand Foreigner.
I have many many others but here are some.

GALAHAD ALTER, gimme my husbando you cowards!


Servant from personal background :
Probably sita and 5* archer rama ( and kinda want them in a valentine’s day centred event)

Personal bias :
Probably more rin face (or at least the formal craft design rin)

Other fate franchise:
Proto gil from fate prototype
And Aphrodite from lb 5.2 ( I hope she releases sooner cuz will have to 2 years more for na)


personal background: I would love to see Sultan Mehmed II as archer but his design probably would be similar to napeleon so Corporal Seyit would be sick

Personally: Full-witch medea or a caster servant with quick np

other fate franchise: titan altera or larva altera, both would be great


I say Morgana as caster or assasin not as saber face tho, like caster alter or maybe even avenger for her hatred towards arthur. Karna archer since is his best fot class will be great to ever see him on archers tho indu losbelt is done :s


Holy crap I wouuld love this.


Personal Background:

John Henry
I really admired John Henry as a kid, didn’t know about him till they made us do book reports in primary school, but I ended up loving his story because I had a frail body and was always told I couldn’t do the most mundane things, so it’s only natural that I looked up to someone who’s legacy is doing the impossible. He went up against a mechanical drill and kinda just had his heart blow up, but he proved everyone wrong!

And also died…

Charlie Chaplin
I grew up watching his films with my family, so just seeing him would make me smile. Also, I’d really like to know just what sort of kit he’d have as a servant

Personal Bias:
Static shock introduced me to him, or rather someone named after him, but over the years, I’ve become a fan of trickster type characters, so having him on the heroe’s side sounds fun

Spring Heeled Jack
I am a sucker for urban legends and one of my favorites is none other than spring heeled Jack because of the super silly concept of him is that all he has as a power is to Jump, and he’s super good at it

More lore for GudaGuda, and also he just seems cool

A servant from another piece of fate media:
Just look:

Honorary mentions:

The Grinning man/Indrid Cold
Old alien urban legend, connected to Mothman, He more or less dresses in green and smiles creepily. I legit hoped he was Lev in disguise when I was doing the prologue…


In terms of “Joke” characters like Bunyan, I would whale really hard for Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury as the King of Pop and the Ultimate God of Rock, respectively. Imagine Jackson’s NP being a super dance attack that debuffs the enemies and Mercury’s could be a sonic song attack so awesome that Elizabeth and Nero would die of envy.

In terms of proper characters, I would like more Lovecraftian entities that aren’t lolies. This recent interlude with Abigail warmed my heart, but I want as well a serious interpretation, even if humanoid. I also want Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec God of Death as part of the roster.

Watson to add someone who can hold back Holmes’ admittedly entertaining shenanigans would be nice. And finally, I want Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Beauty for more Nitocris like beauties in the roster.


Louis XIV, ruler. I know, there are many french servant but this king has a high fun potential.

Helen of Troy… I’m pretty sure you can do something with this walking cassus belli…

Servant from an other franchise… The Pale Rider, from Strange/Fake… Let’s bring a horseman of the apocalypse in this story of multiple destruction of humanity…


I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but Lautaro (from the Mapuche’s history), Manuel Rodríguez (he’s just an amazing historical character). I would settle with them being even 2* servants. I’d also like Nur al Din Mahmoud, HP Lovecraft/Cthulhu (as foreigner would be awesome). Also, based on the book itself, a ruler Edmond Dantès (as he saw himself as an agent of the Providence) would get me whale like crazy.
I’d also like an Archer Rama (he fights Ravana with a bow too, and even earns Sita’s hand by using a great bow no one else could use before), along with perharps a duo Servant of Sita & Laksiman just for supporting Rama lmao

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It’s what he deserves. I’d summon for him so fast