What's your favorite Fate OP & ED?

I was bored so I thought I’d ask this question.

Also videos to my two favorites (creds to them)

『Sayuri - Tsuki to Hanataba』- Posted by Melodic Star

“Prover” - Milet (I like the video by KSViral.)

OP - SakuraMeikyuu by Kanon Wakeshima (OP of Fate/Extra CCC)

oR. . .

Broken Night by Aimer(Hollow Ataraxia)


Opening would be Another Heaven. Although I find myself coming back to Ideal White a lot. I feel bad leaving out Disillusion and Brave Shine.

Ending is one of the three Aimer songs for the HF movies. I can’t choose between them honestly.


We already have a thread about this

oh my bad I didn’t see that one and I was bored.

I tried using the search feature and scrolled a bit through topics and the best I could find was about FGO OST specifically and a poll about favorite OP. You should link the thread you’re talking about.

I was talking about the poll, there the people tell their favorites and why the like those

That one seemed to be focused on opening specifically and the last post was two months ago, I don’t think a new thread is that much of a stretch when that one seems dead and this one seems more like a double evaluation. I get the feeling this thread is fine. And as a post on topic…

@fsf_is_amazing my favorite ED is either Prover or Tell me by Milet. They’re both very unique as anime endings. In fact when Tell me hit its chorus I actually legitimately wondered if the music was coming from something else but it was such a nice surprise. It’s definitely the more unique of the two. Tell me also benefits off of the imagery which is far more emotional than Prover’s. I just adore the story of the tragedy between Gilgamesh and Enkidu, their interaction as Enkidu is dying, and Gilgamesh coming to terms with Enkidu’s death afterwards with his own mortality. It’s beautiful. However, iirc Prover gets better integrated into the ends of each episode (and it gets more episode to do so). I love lead-ins like that. It gives the endings the emotional weight of the episode and lends the emotional weight of the ending to the later episodes. It allows the what I will call “emotional inertia” to better carry over across episodes. I love when shows do that well like Hunter x Hunter during the Yorknew City arc (which probably has my favorite anime ending).

Not strictly Fate but the best Fate-related OP is definitely Super Affection and it’s not even close imo. It’s funny, well animated, full of energy, and is very expressive. The music is catchy as hell and I believe the sheer number of parodies of it that have been made are in part a testament to it’s quality. I’m kind of used to good anime openings at this point and even if other Fate ones are good, Super Affection is the only Fate one that strikes me as truly special.


I mean, i never say that this thread was bad, i just say that already exist one that have almoust the same thematic. And is never bad to a good ol’ necromancer in a old thread


If we’re talking about strictly Fate… my favorite ED is Up in the Sky, the Wind Sings sung by Luna Haruna. Beautiful beyond words.

Don’t really have a fave for opening on that case… Tho, Kajiura’s compositions on everything Fate-related are great. Props also to 'em singers.

My personal faves are all KnK related

As for Fate OP’s I really favor Another Heaven a lot as especially like its dark tone and mad visuals from Realta Nua. Brave Shine, Yakudou, and Code by Tainaka Sachi also tops my list.

As for ED’s, Tell Me by Milet definitely takes the cake. It just plays in my head from time to time. Zero’s MEMORIA and Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau are also memorable.

Other than those, Dokuhaku from the upcoming Camelot movie seems to shape up to my fancy even without the full release yet.

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My favourite Opening is easily Brave Shine, I love both the song and the video!

The best Ending is Prover from the Babylonia anime, love the visuals and the song just has the perfect vibes for the mood the show is setting!

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Yea, I get it. I didn’t see that other one. My bad.

At the moment it is Brave Shine by Aimer and Eiyu: Unmei no Uta (Heroes: Song of Fate) by Egoist for openings.

Koe by Asca and Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau (Up On the Sky, The Wind Sings) by Luna Haruna for endings at the moment.

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Ok i’m going to participate on the thread because i haven’t say my favorite endings.
Prover and Tell me, both are great
And favorites opening i’m going to say Hollow world and Ash


Definitely Eiyuu Unmei no Uta (Apoc OP 1). My fav ending is prob from the Babylonia anime, Hoshi Ga Furu Yume.

As an aside tho, all fgo songs are. So good. Very good. :fgo_ereshlove: