What's your favorite setup/strat/team comp?

I’ve been watching a lot of gameplay videos lately on various team comps and strats, I’m still relatively new to the game so I haven’t really seen the full scope of what’s possible and I’ve been very surprised so far with how many ways you can play the game. Team comps with lower rarity servants against tough bosses, solos (I particularly like these 2), specific niche strats, double servant comps etc.

To some of the more experienced players out there, what’s your favorite strat/team setup or ones that you find most fun to play? It could be anything from farming setups to 1-shot boss setups, I’d really like to hear your fav combinations or strats.

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Personally I enjoy Arts Looping. I typically run Mordred (Rider) with Casgil & Tamamo. Usually with casgil bond Ce or 2030. I will have Tamamo bond 10 before the Summer 3 begins so that will help. Works well with Summer Artoria for ST nukes.

Another option I have is Hokusai, Casgil, Tamamo & Waver. I did this for a CQ but I used the same set up on the bosses in Agartha - https://youtu.be/NnJeatbI16I


Yeah I’ve seen first hand Summer Artoria looping her NP. She’s really fun to use, would like to get her one day.


I also really like Arts NP looping strats. I am hoping I can pull Jarcher so that I can try her out in one of those teams!

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Some of my favourite teams are
nursery rhyme + hans + waver
jekyll + hans + mash
casgil + artoria archer + hans
emiya alter + waver + mash

I prefer arts teams that can get %100 defense up or consistent/fun to use.

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Holmes + Support CasGil is a pretty fun team for me. Them and another DPS and everyone’s a crit machine. It’s a blast.

Don’t have much experience elsewhere though.

Buster Meme-ing with (a borrowed) Merlin is always fun, except when I try out a CQ to flex my Buster DPS and Merlin ends up soloing the remainder of the fight…“Strength B” indeed :fgo_buster:

I also love how the classic Arash + Helena + [insert 2 Berserkers] works like a charm for generic Ember Farming (and other non-event farming)

Since I got Skadi I started looping with Quick, but I know this whole thing originated with the more consistent Arts Looping, so I’m looking for options to help me build that.
These refund mechanics are bonkers. Really fun to play around with. Never Imagined my boi Lancelot could throw off a single NP, let alone two or three in a row :fgo_alterasanta:

Now, If only we could Buster NP Loop… :fgo_judge:


Currently if I can build a team around MHX that gets the job done, then I will most likely build a team around MHX that can get the job done. Unless it’s a fringe case I always try to implement her in a way that allows her to have some form of impact.


My old favorite was Tamamo/Vlad/Waver
It is hard to get it rolling, but after the first NP chain the crits start rolling, and it becomes an NP spamming train of pain. I have once managed to loop Vlad’s NP three times in a row with this team.

I mainly use 3T comps, and there isn’t much to say about those, but before the DSS meta, I often facecarded Rider nodes with my assassins due to the support casters being pretty fragile there.
In that context, I had a lot of fun with a Shuten/Wu/Carmilla team. Lots of attack buffs and defense debuffs to go around, and Carmilla really appreciates the Quick buff from Wu, as it allows her even better NP gen. On the other hand, this team is really fragile without any defense buffs, and what little healing they have is a drop in the ocean in longer battles.
Alternatively I occasionally played around with a Shuten/Wu/Otakuhime team, but that one is really slow, and Okkie’s defense buffs and healing is pretty lackluster.



Pure buster crit joy. Most fights are over by turn 5. I use this comp for everything.

I’ve been experimenting with arts teams, but I need to raise my new Lewd Nun before I continue along that path (Rhyme is good, but she doesn’t appeal to me).

Of course, I like my Applecat DSS team for farming efficiency, too.


Double Merlin Buster Crit has been one of my favorite team comps due to the insane burst damage.

Merlin + Merlin + Buster DPS (Used Heracles as my default ST buster DPS) + Star Bomb CE = 1T boss kills. This worked beautifully during the Apocrypha raids since I was farming QP left, right and center :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on DSS but still lack some of the key DPS since I only have a NP1 Zerkerlot :frowning_face:


Right now I am loving my DSS with Atalante and Valkyrie for farming purposes. If I had QP - damn you QP Hell - I would grail both for the extra consistency in damage.

Long live the Queen :fgo_skadismug:

But for challenge or hard story missions that I know I won’t manage in 3 turns, Arts is the answer. Again, because of QP Hell -Damn you QP Hell- Arts teammates like Kiara, Caster Gilgamesh, sometimes Abigail for Berserker bosses, and so on need skill upgrades to improve cooldowns and maximize Tamamo’s NP benefits.

Long live the Fox. All hail the Fox :fgo_tamamo:


3 Turn Setup are very fun to do.
Researching the enemies, calculating if the servants have enough damage, setting up the team, and finally pulling 3T after 3T is just satisfying.

I don’t mean Double Skadi setups, that requires a very high investment to setup and once you do… you do. Very envious of those grailed Lancelot DSS setups…

I used Arash, Bunyan and Spartacus for majority of the 3T comps. Everything gets over in less than 2 minutes. This works perfectly because I have 2 KScopes and an MLB Imaginary Element. With harder quests and higher HP enemies, I switch out Bunyan and Spartacus for the appropriate AoE DPS. I have decent DPS AoE servants for every class except Assassin, but most wave 2 mobs can be cleared with a neutral damage DPS. Preferably Lancer because of their Attack Mod, or servants that can do enough damage and give stars at the same time for a Crit round the next turn (Because I have Merlin).

Emiya and Parvati do an excellent job at Wave 2 clearing and setting up a crit turn for Wave 3. It’s just fun to setup and play with.

Other than that, double Merlin of course. It’s like a drug to me


Arts is Love. Arts is Life. Arts is Eternal.

I’ve enjoyed arts teams since I first started playing FGO. Using repeated noble phantasms strike me as servants whipping tail all over the enemies and allows for fun layers of strategy by timing and stacking NPs to get various overcharge effects.

Unless you have Skadi or Jack, I’ve always found quick/crit teams to be unreliable since you can still miss with 90%. And the Unga Bunga Red Card route wasn’t that fun for me


Figuring out 3T comps without waver or double skadi is fun (also a necessity for me). Helena, ozy, Paracelsus and arash are my mvp’s for that, though sieg and tama will join the ranks as I get arts looping nailed down.

And now that I have more top stall support (native tama and Jeanne), I’m really enjoying stall teams. Whether it’s double Jeanne, NP denial with Edison, or a more typical team, I’m no longer afraid of boss rush CQ’s which I’ve typically had the most trouble with. I’ve now completed the current CQ 3 times. Edison / waver /tama was probably the most fun with only 3 enemy np’s in 41 turns


First Hassan/fodder/fodder
Merlin/Waver/Tamamo stall

I’ve been spamming the shit out double Skadi/Melt, Scathach, and Parvati just to see the damage.

Since I have my own Sherlock, Merlin, and Skadi, I’m having a lot of fun Ka gaing stuff with him.


CasHelena/Medusa(grailed)/Gorgon(grailed) for any dailies farming

For general mid-difficulty story quests, I just send Gorgon+Gather with double Helena2030. The support Helena rarely has 2030, still works ok. If some stronger defence is needed, I just swap in Jeanne instead of support Helena.
I might put my brand new LancelotSaber on express levelling lane to occasionally replace Gorgon as main CRT-DPS and explore a full Arts version of that setup for lancer stuff…


Void shiki + waver + tamamo

If the CQ is too difficult, I swap them for merlin and jeanne.


I usually just stick the 4 great caster supports appropriate damage dealers. However an Arts Teams centered around Kiara (especially since she became NP2) feels good to use.

  • Tamamo/Kiara/Waver (w/plugsuit Tamamo or Waver support) is good for CQs. Clears waves of servants at a decent pace while also nicely stalling with NP drains.

  • Mash, Hans or Jeanne/Kiara/Merlin works better for longer fights needing better survivability.

  • Nitocris/Helena/Kiara is pretty good for 3T for nodes with mobs that doesn’t resist Nito’s instant death.

DSS with Dantes (also possible w/plugsuit Waver) for 3T and CQs just feels good and chill to use. Dantes goes brrrrrrrr w/Chateau d’ If and erases most things on screen.

Buster Memes also runs around with Arash/(Wave clearer that gives healthy amounts of stars)/Merlin-Raikou 3T comp. Anything not dead after Raikou’s NP, eats 100K+ crits w/the right cards.


Frontline: Cu Alter + Mash + Merlin
Backline: some combination of David/Nightingale/Shakespeare, and last-man standing bond Herc

Occasionally I’ll switch Cu Alter for Ozy, Gramps or Amakusa. Not exactly big numbers, but I find it to be a good balance between speed and survival.