What's your most intense Team Rocket battle?

Proved that. Just now I used my alt to go up against a Grunt with full Bulbasaur evo.line team and all 3 of them fell like a pack of cards to my AM2’s Confusion. Imagine how quick could a normal M2 deal with them.

Coiled up and ready to strike!

I chose Alakazam, Mewtwo and Groudon.

Grunt used the Zubat evolutionary line, Their Bites quickly took out my Alakazam. Mewtwo lasted a little longer but I had to send Groudon against Crobat. Ground is SE into Poison…but doubly resisted by Flying.

This was the only Rocket team that I lost to (have beaten 30 so far). For the rematch, I sent on my SD Rhyperior (which creamed them all): SD Tyranitar and Mamoswine.

i met first time snorlax Grunt. My alt was unable to beat him, but my main won after first attempt( however, barely(. Grunt Had snorlax- Dragonite- Snorlax. I used Machamp-Dialga-Machamp

I also just lost to a Grunt that used Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. It’s currently my only loss against TGR.
So this is what happened: I saw the message “ROAR! How did that sound?” and I expected a Dragonite at the back of the lineup, so I went with Mamoswine, Charm Gardevoir and Rock Aggron. I wanted a “suicide lead” that would heavily damage the Grunt’s team, have a well-rounded Mon that would finish the rest, and a bulky closer just in case. But it all went wrong when I discovered that not one, not two, but ALL of the Dragons had their Steel fast moves. My Mamo barely finished off Dratini with Avalanche, got KOed by Dragonair, so I switched in Gardevoir, then it still beat Dragonair with Charm spam but took a lot of damage in the process, and I was literally facepalming when I saw the Dragonite use Steel Wing. My Aggron wasn’t good enough either; last time I beat a D.Nite with Aggron I had my Tyranitar knock it to half health before fainting. I ended up using a Metagross for the rematch, and it swept the team without much problem. I don’t think I would say the Dragon team was challenging, it’s just that my RNG will not be recovering in a long time from yesterday’s double shiny Latias.

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I mean…well, yes, kind of.
I sure hope I don’t miss my throw and capture her instead. :man_shrugging:t2:


Sorry for replying to a 20-day old post, but just a reminder that it has been fixed.

First I had a snorlax-gardevoir-snorlax

Didn’t heal my pokemons as I encounterd a snorlax-snorlax-snorlax on the next pokestop

This was the most brutal grunt lineup I recently faced:

Snorlax - Lick/Heavy Slam

Gardevoir - Charm/Shadow Ball

Gyarados - Waterfall/Crunch

First attempt, I made the mistake of opening with Machamp against the Snorlax. Since Machamp is going down quickly, I exited the battle and swapped in Smacktar as my open.

Second attempt, I wasn’t able to use a shield (lag?) so Snorlax’s HS one-shotted my Smacktar. Exited again and restarted the app for round 3.

Third attempt, Smacktar plows through the Snorlax, using one shield. Gardevoir comes in and brings him down with just a couple Charms. My other two options in my lineup were Dialga and Heatran, so I opted to exit again and change my lineup.

Fourth attempt, I bring in Metagross for Gardevoir and sub out Dialga. Again, Smacktar beats Snorlax and depletes a single shield for HS. This time, I anticipate Charm Gardevoir and swap Tyranitar out for Metagross before it gets KO’d. Metagross handles Gardevoir easily, and Gyarados shows up. Oh, good. Waterfall takes out Metagross while I’m doing next to no damage in return (and I’m still locked out for swapping again). I bring in Heatran, who just flails around uselessly and never gets even close to a Stone Edge. Smacktar comes back and faints after two Waterfalls.

Fifth attempt, never actually happens because the Rocket invasion despawns. :rofl:

Mistakes were made on my part (my lineups were not exactly top notch), but dang, that was an intense battle!


My Dialga vs Rattata.

(Hey, nobody said who it had to be intense for specifically. The rat is probably traumatized)


Same happened to me, but the gyarados was running bite. In my 3rd attempt I won with SD tyra, Mam metagross and Tbolt Melmetal. This grunt was quite annoying TBH

I got that combo to, but I lost. I had three perfect, L40 Machamps with optimal move sets and just couldn’t do enough damage before the team rocket guy got me. I was actually pretty mad because I thought that has to be the best matchup for 2 snorlaxes (right?). But after further investigation, my old phone may have done me in. Wonderful, lol.

I have an old level 35 Ursaring with average stats and Counter/Close Combat. If he goes up against Lick Snorlax, he does a number on him. One fight, that Ursaring took out two Snorlaxes. Very useful, especially considering I spent zero dust on it, caught at level 35.


My 100% Metagross when some Rocket Grunt challenges me with 3 Shadow Rattatas:


My first shadow lax. Because no idea what to expect.

Led metagross who got nearly vaporized by Lick since the game wouldn’t let switch until 25%. Sent in tyranitar with SD to beat it, but next was poliwrath… Bubble PuP, yikers. Got a stone edge off before fainting. My last options were the half dead metagross and Dialga. Dialga beat poli and then Since last lax was ZH, I actually got metagross to be able to beat it once Dialga fell. Dialga was lv37, and metageoss made it out with a sliver left

Ran into a shadow Muk the other day and almost didn’t make it out in one piece. Be aware that can happen.

I finally finished maxing a shiny Flying Moltres today and had two rocket battles with Muks in a span of 5 minutes. That Moltres didn’t have any difficulty, not sure the science+math about it, but it worked

Snorlax + Dragonite + Dragonite as an Ultra League battle.

I won on the third attempt with Snorlax + Cloyster + Cresselia with virtually nothing to spare.

Just had a Dragon grunt try and ambush me with a Gyarados at the back of his Dratini and Dragonair, and he succeeded only because I was simply not aware that Dragon grunts could use Gyarados…Backed out before he could kill my last Metagross, swapped the Metagross with Aggron and that finished him off.

Snorlax + Gardevoir + Snorlax

The Gardevoir with charm hit like a tank. My default team is TTar + Dragonite + Mewtwo and she smashed that by herself. She even hit Metagross hard, that charm sucks. Managed to pull it out tho.