What's your most intense Team Rocket battle?

My shadow opponents didn’t show any CP. Except low level mons, such as 2-3k Bulbasaur-Zubat, or 5-6k Ivysaur-Golbat etc.
But I didn’t see CP of the specific Snorlax-Snorlax-Dragonite that I fought. Is it another Niatic bug?

Here is another shadow Snorlax. No CP.

So far my toughest was Snorlax- Dragonite- Dragonite
Failed twice, the second time really close to make it. Couldn’t do a third round, the fight vanished :/

Mine showed 9291 CP. I’ve seen friends see some with around 8000 CP though. Encountered another Grunt with Shadow Dragonite too, but with unseen CP. Maybe due to its CP being over 10000?

I actually had a extremely close fight against a golbat and two crobats which apparently were super high CP and had super-effective counters to my default team of lv 36 Giratina/mewtwo/dialga. I didn’t realize how close it was until I was healing up afterwards.

I’ve yet to come across the fabled Snorlax trainers, but I have two memorable experiences:

  • Fighting a water team where his ace was a Swampert. Made extremely short work of Magnezone.

  • Forgetting to heal my Mewtwo beforehand and watching a Zubat take it out in three bites :joy::joy::joy:

I gotta say, I’m actually a huge fan of the fights being challenging. With exp. bloat being a thing it’s kind of nice having a single player element that actually tests your mettle somewhat and isn’t just a glorified spreadsheet simulator. It’s something to separate the men from the boys, so to speak - or the women from the girls, if that’s your prerogative :wink:

This is my guess. It shows the CP for everything leading up to it.


Same. It seems like what’s been buffed is the attack stat (hence to sky high CP!). They seem to take chunks out of my ‘mons’ health but fall hard to charge attacks.

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The Snorlax one. I went with 3 Lv40 Machamp and the grunt had 3 Snorlax. All of them had lick and they did a ridiculous amount of damage. I lost 2 Machamp while the third one barely survived. It was really intense but I’m glad these battles are not a walk in the park, they’re pretty challenging actually.


I could not complete a Snorlax - Draonite - ??? battle. Despite leading with a 2900 CP Dynamic Punch Machamp the Snorlax wiped it out in a few seconds … no idea what move would have done that (Zen headbutt?). May I ask some advice? Do the Grunt battles require us to have very highly powered up Mons to compete? Generally speaking for raids I only power Mons up to 6,000 level or 7,000 level stardust as the residual power up really does not matter in terms of raid damage or raid balls. It looks like most are saying that the Shadow Mons are so very high powered that one needs to max out his team … is that correct? I can easily beat the low level shadow teams but to beat the Snorlax, Dargonite and Swampbert shadows needs level 40 mons, yes?

I’d recommend stuff that have high survivability and decent damage instead of mediocre survivability and high damage against Snorlax. My Machamp also had trouble with Snorlax, but Metagross did exceptionally well. Even those who can spam charges fast are quite good, like Swampert and Lucario (the latter being better due to SE damage).
As for Dragonite, double-Rock Aggron says hi.


Very good advice!
I think I met 3 Snorlax with Zen headbutt.
First team was unprepared and vanished fast
Second one was 3 maxed out 98 and 100% Machamp, but I never even got to charge DP, the Snorlax killed them off very fast with just quick moves.
Last time the street walk got crowded and I had to move but I threw in some high CP mons at the top of my dex, and Dragonite and Dialaga did a decent job. But Metagross would have been even better.

Lick is actually the more challenging move if you use stuff that spam charges and are neutral to both Snorlax’s fast moves. My Swampert could, on average, launch 4-5 Hydro Cannons against each Zen Headbutt Snorlax but the time I went against one with Lick it only managed 2 before fainting. Metagross won’t do well against it either. I had to use Aggron in the end to kill it, and Aggron suffered some damage too. Tyranitar should be a good counter too, resisting both Lick and Zen Headbutt, but still not very reliable.

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I had 2 lick snorlax and a steel wing dragonite.
I used a smack down tyranitar, since it resists lick, but it gets wrecked by steel wing, which in this battče performs way better than it ever did on gym defesne, instantly getting rid of all fairies, rock and ice pokemon. Latios took care of Dragonite. Dragon breath and Dragon claw is quite a good combo.

You never know what they have so I ended up using 3 Kyogres against a bulbasaur and 2 venasaurs. Complete fail

Proved that. Just now I used my alt to go up against a Grunt with full Bulbasaur evo.line team and all 3 of them fell like a pack of cards to my AM2’s Confusion. Imagine how quick could a normal M2 deal with them.

Coiled up and ready to strike!

I chose Alakazam, Mewtwo and Groudon.

Grunt used the Zubat evolutionary line, Their Bites quickly took out my Alakazam. Mewtwo lasted a little longer but I had to send Groudon against Crobat. Ground is SE into Poison…but doubly resisted by Flying.

This was the only Rocket team that I lost to (have beaten 30 so far). For the rematch, I sent on my SD Rhyperior (which creamed them all): SD Tyranitar and Mamoswine.

i met first time snorlax Grunt. My alt was unable to beat him, but my main won after first attempt( however, barely(. Grunt Had snorlax- Dragonite- Snorlax. I used Machamp-Dialga-Machamp

I also just lost to a Grunt that used Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. It’s currently my only loss against TGR.
So this is what happened: I saw the message “ROAR! How did that sound?” and I expected a Dragonite at the back of the lineup, so I went with Mamoswine, Charm Gardevoir and Rock Aggron. I wanted a “suicide lead” that would heavily damage the Grunt’s team, have a well-rounded Mon that would finish the rest, and a bulky closer just in case. But it all went wrong when I discovered that not one, not two, but ALL of the Dragons had their Steel fast moves. My Mamo barely finished off Dratini with Avalanche, got KOed by Dragonair, so I switched in Gardevoir, then it still beat Dragonair with Charm spam but took a lot of damage in the process, and I was literally facepalming when I saw the Dragonite use Steel Wing. My Aggron wasn’t good enough either; last time I beat a D.Nite with Aggron I had my Tyranitar knock it to half health before fainting. I ended up using a Metagross for the rematch, and it swept the team without much problem. I don’t think I would say the Dragon team was challenging, it’s just that my RNG will not be recovering in a long time from yesterday’s double shiny Latias.

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I mean…well, yes, kind of.
I sure hope I don’t miss my throw and capture her instead. :man_shrugging:t2:


Sorry for replying to a 20-day old post, but just a reminder that it has been fixed.