What's your opinion on LB3 fake spoiler?

Whole world is divided into concentric rings. Every year a ring must offer a sacrifice of people to the capital in the centre to feed the vampiric court of Qin, with the total doubling each year. Rings that fail to meet quota are harvested entirely.
Spartacus, Mordred, and Jing Ke were summoned by the world as specialists in rebellion/for their grudge. Jing Ke blackmailed Mordred into compliance by getting her drunk and taking nude photos of her.
You stage an attack on the main road to cause commotion then infiltrate capital disguised as guards after they return to report the disturbance.
Meet Liangyu who works for Qin despite being summoned to stop him because “muh emperor”
Nezha develops spear autism rivalry with Liangyu on the way, who ends up joining our cause after realising we’re rebels because Qin is a monster.
At capital get caught infiltrating palace.
Turns out Hinako is a Lamyros who just wanted a world where vampires aren’t hunted; Consort Yu is a seperate servant she edited to look like her that we fight until Hinako demands she retreat suddenly.
Mordred dies fighting pretty boy saber.
Liangyu finds out we plan to burn the Lostbelt down and turns on us sobbing at our betrayal asking why we want to commit genocide. She dies against Nezha.
Hinako dies from the strain of Yu fighting because surprise she was weak from years of avoiding blood drinking beforehand.

the first part kind of sounds like LB2?
makes it pretty similiar in a bad way.
I prefer our current one more I guess

Fake? Isn’t this literally LB3?

The doubling of sacrifices each year and the nude blackmail sound pretty stupid, honestly.

Putting that aside… It sounds kind of bland and derivative, it makes me appreciate the real LB3 a bit more.

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