What's your preferred NP Block Team?

I used this setup (shown below - Waver, Edison, Nursery Rhyme) against a certain assassin boss late in Shimousa and I thought I’d ask others what their preferred NP block team is, as I’ve also used Archuria in a similar team setup and I know there’s a variety of servants with either NP charge reduction or NP Lock or Stun effects, like the classic Euryale charm lock strategy that can also work quite well to stop your opponent from ever using their NP. So let me know if you have any favorite or quite effective team setups since it’d be interesting to see.

Also feel free to demonstrate how long they can hold off the enemy NP as an example, for instance the team shown held off the assassin’s NP for 15 turns before killing her. No healing option for the first two servants unless I used a different Mystic Code, so it couldn’t last forever, but it was still quite effective.

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Same, but Tamamo in the 3rd slot.

Kiara can also work instead of Edison, but you really need to keep Tamamo and Waver’s NPs up.

Double Tamamo plus DPS with stun or drain. BB, Euryale, Helena Archer, etc. etc. Doesn’t particularly matter. Double Tamamo plus Waver if you’re just in it for the memes.


Can literally go endlessly against a boss and never eat an NP.

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Orion + Waver + Tamamo - all three had NP drain. Orion and waver from NP Tamamo from skill

Vlad 3 + above support - same but a bit hard since Berserker is glass… but unless it’s Break Bar enemy usually died before Vlad death…

Jeanne + Merlin + Tamamo - why seal enemy NP since you can just block it(literally) Jeanne - Invi NP + Heal, Merlin skill/NP charge + NP/HP regen, Tamamo NP drain, heal/cd/np battery… shorter CD/invi/heal will help this team stall forever

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Unironically one of my favorite teams to use. Once you get the engine going you can be invincible around every other turn or even more.

Except when Shirou starts his NP with remove all enemies buffs and all the invulnerability goes out the door.

BB, Tamamo, Waver and Atlas Mistyc Code.

Even with only 2 types of NP delay, the BB and Tamamo combination is just ridiculously powerful.
If i do a BB NP - Tamamo Arts card - Waver Arts card after using both of Waver’s skills they can go from 0% charge to 60% in one turn.
If i do a Waver NP-BB NP-Tamamo NP chain, Waver and BB leave their NPs with over 50% charge (BB with 60%) and thanks to Atlas Uniform and Tammy his first cooldowns are shortened by 3 so he can charge the party again.

I used this team against Nerofest Da Vinci and got very far until i couldn’t delay da vinci anymore (around the time with the Sphynx) and she killed my party, then i just replaced Waver with Jeanne and won.

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Becomes kind of iffy against boss rush CQs, still pretty fun.

But to be honest the strongest NP block ‘team’ is a solo Jeanne D’Arc. Grab a friend one with Cosmos or Walk in the Spring Breeze and she will hammer the Lord’s words into CQ bosses one flag pole bash at a time.


Depends on the mob single target Saber or zerk waver Tammy Artoria archer

Aoe I tend to gravitate towards kiara and other then that I just tank nps with invuln teams like Merlin and/or Jeanne

I remember using BB+Tamamo+Waver against Amakusa in Shimousa. poor guy never used his NP for 12 turns before BB killed him.
This team can just spam their NPs and with Tamamo’s reduced skilldown, it means more NP drain, more stuns, etc. Pretty sure it could last forever with proper management or full LMB Prisma Cosmos.

After Shimousa, I found great, wonderful value in Kid Gil and NP down skills such as Brynhild’s Primordial Rune.
Also a memory from rushing through America in JP in my forgotten account, Mash + Nightingale + Hans nullifying any kind of damage.

Also, Jagyu as a great damage debuffer. Don’t have him, but what I’ve seen, I loved it.

Double Tamamo and Vlad (zerker)- They all have good charge drain skills and Tamamo reduces cool downs so they are basically always reducing the enemy NP gauge, it almost feels like cheating if you get it going right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This might be off topic but David+Mash+Merlin = Near invincible team. David and Merlin can use a team-wide evade/invincible every 3 turns and Mash can use her target focus + Invincible if a situation goes south. The only thing that counters this is if the enemy can stun my team members.

Well, I used a different variation of an NP block team to deal with the final boss of Shimousa, here’s the setup.

And here’s how they did (the boss really didn’t like Waver).