What's your reasoning for why servants require certain materials?

When ascending a servant or leveling their skills, certain materials are required. And aside from most welfares, those materials are scattered all over the place and can be seemingly random.

So why do you think these servants require those materials?
Feel free to give a logical or just a ridiculous/funny reason, either works.

To start things off, I’ll bring over my example from another thread that gave me the idea to make this:
Me: “Karna, you’re a hero, please just accept it and grow stronger.”
Karna: “Sorry master, I need 216 reminders of my heroic status or I won’t accept it.”

Also feel free to either call out specific materials on a servant like I did above or you can go through each material they need and explain it, the latter takes a bit more work though, so it’s for those that are really dedicated.

In either case, hopefully this is a way we can get some comedy out of the sheer amount of material costs the servants require.


I was also curious to see if there was some sort of rhyme or reason as to how material requirements were given to each Servant and I did notice some patterns with certain materials and the Servants who require them.

Refined Magatama are only found in Shimousa which is in Japan and the Servants who predominatly need them are Japanese Servants with the exceptions of the Chinese Servants: Nezha, Chen Gong, and Assassin Li Shuwen, and Ereshkigal who’s kinda sort of Japanese.

Shell of Reminiscence was introduced during the Summer 1 Event and pretty much every single Summer Servant and Summer Costume need it aside from Melt’s costume for some reason. There are some weird non-Summer Servants who need it like Hessiab Lobo, Emiya Alter, and Anastasia.

Great Knight Medals are predominatly used by Servants who are Knights or are associated with Knights. The ones I’m not entirely sure of are Mandricardo, Sieg, and Summer Okita.

Lastly are the materials that are associated with certain classes. Warhorse’s Young Horn is predominatly needed by Lancers, Forbidden Pages are predominatly needed by Casters, and Arrowheads of Maledictions are predominatly needed by Archers.


I more or less have just assumed they’re some special kind of mana repository, kinda like the magical equivalent of smoothie ingredients… which makes Homunculus Babies more upsetting than they already are ^^;

As far as specific ones go, I find they normally make at least some sense? But there are definitely awkward moments. Anyone who needs substantial amounts of Evil Bones I can’t help myself but to imagine them cracking the bones open and drinking the marrow like madmen. And I’m sure I don’t need to explain what my imagination does with someone asking for 40+ chains…

Okay, I’ll attempt a full servant material writeup.

Moriarty, since I’ve made jokes about his materials already:

  • Pages for scheming/writing up plans
  • poison needles for assassination jobs
  • claws of chaos either for some kind of trap or weapon
  • scarabs of wisdom for gaining/spreading intelligence perhaps?
  • void dust obviously a drug trade I mean to create shadow servants
  • cerebro-spinal fluid for his back surgeries so that he can survive his gigantic NP leaps

Ereshkigal is Queen of the Underworld, so it makes sense that she would need bones and stakes, perhaps as building material for soul cages

Erice Utsumi is apparently(?) a reaper, not that I’ve read strange Fake, so maybe she just picks up bones and stakes during her work. Thematic, but I don’t immediately see a reason for what she does with them.

The Gorgons need serpent jewels because … serpents.
Gil also needs serpent jewels, but his legend involves a snake, so it’s thematic as well.

Void Shiki needs void dust because … void? Maybe it anchors her in our world.

Ryouma needs bullets because he has a gun.

Tesla could use ghost lanterns as fuel or to light his workshop, while Drake uses them to light her ships at night.

Artoria and all her variants have dragon blood in them, so dragon fangs are thematic.

Fran with her homonculus babies https://imgur.com/r/grandorder/XEyDl

I could say something for Kiara and Anastasia, but I feel that saying them would be way too offensive.


She’s from Fate/Requiem actually.

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whoops, requiem then

Izou requires magatamas because he needs every drop of luck he could get and all those Evil Bones are to beat Ryouma over the head with, obviously.


Achilles need gears
Me: why you need gears?
Achilles: well as you may not know Master, i’m half mecha thanks to my mother
Me: that make sense


Ana need shells because she ended up living in a island

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Paracelsus is simply a sketchy asshole who bones us with his mat requirements.



Enkidu: “Master, give me hundreds of chains.”

Guda: “Wait, can’t you literally summon chains at will? That’s kind of your whole schtick.”

Enkidu: “What’s your point?”

Guda: “… … …”

Nitocris: “Master, give me hundreds of bones.”


Abigail: “Master, give me 30 Seeds and Chains, 36 fluids, babies and feathers, and 45 lamps, roots and hearts.”

Me: How do any of these make sense for you.

Yog-Sothoth: i NeEd tHEm FoOlIsH HuMAn!!!

Abigail, Me: …

Hokusai: Um, have I come at a bad time…?


Oh my God that’s so cute.

Void Dust is just glitter.

I rest my case.

My justification for Jeanne needing hearts; “You can’t worship heathen gods if you kill them, Master…”

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