When characters said Ritsuka is stupid, I didn't know they meant THIS stupid

Avicebron: Master, I will sacrifice myself to create the ultimate golem, okay?
Ritsuka: Yes.
Avicebron: Because I will be its core, I won’t be able to control it, okay?
Ritsuka: Yes.
Avicebron: The golem’s name is Golem Keter Malkuth, and it’s outfitted with protective spells, but be careful when controlling it, okay?
Ritsuka: Yes.
Avicebron: You will have to control the golem yourself.
Ritsuka: I will control the golem.
Avicebron: goes poof
Ritsuka: I will ride the golem.


Takes a special kind of stupid to save the world


Well, that our dear master is not what we would usually call a bright man/woman is known…

Thank god there are servants who can help him/her in decision making.

Just avoid following advices from Tama Cat or other strange servant.

Never dollow Gorgon advices also. She does not exactly love humanity

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Makes you think how better OR worse Team A/the Crypters would have done if Ritsuka wasn’t forced into saving the world.

Part 1 Spoilers

Perhaps Uruk and its citizens would have been truly saved? Maybe Mash wouldn’t have to sacrifice herself for us?
Basically Kirshtaria carries everyone since he can, based on what he went through when trying to revive his fellow Crypters as described by Ophelia.

None of them cared enough about Mash so she would’ve died against Goetia if it was for them, in other words screw them. Well, except for Ophelia and Pepe.

That aside Ritsuka’s personality plays a big role in befriending so many different servants, for example i doubt Gilgamesh would’ve helped that much Wodime in Babylonia, so maybe the number of deaths would’ve been the same but for a different reason.


Ritsuka isn’t much of a mage so it is entirely possible that the Golem had to be controlled with verbal commands.
Besides considering the large scale devastation the King was capable merely riding the Golem might provide some measure of not being splattered in the crossfire.

Though I don’t deny that some of Ritsuka’s decisions haven’t been the wisest.

Given that Team A are enough of a bunch of fock-ups to take “Foreign God’s” bargain, I think not.

Also, I wouldn’t take Lord Cherry’s show act at face value, which will likely get deconstructed as we get into LB5.


Considering Ritsuka might be Shirou tier dumb, I’m more inclined to believe that they’re simulating the golem’s movement on top of its shoulder instead of just giving it verbal commands.

I’ll feel bad for Ophelia if that ends up being the case.

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They wouldn’t even get past Camelot, I think. Ozzy slowed down whatever the Goddess of Rhongomyniad was about to do by ramming his Rameseum Tentyris up her Camelot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because he took a liking to the MC, if I’m not mistaken.


I took it at face value and got excited that I’m throwing hands with basically an OP Anime Protag.
I’m intrigued though… What makes you say that?

Controlling Golem by riding on it shoulders is exactly how Avicebron himself was doing it in Apoc

Per interviews, Wodim and Daybit would’ve succeeded in stopping Goetia plan. Kadoc could’ve also pull it off in theory, but only if he had his Lostbelt Anastasia Servant taking Mash role in story, which is impossible, cause he can’t summon her outside of Russian Lostbelt. Daybit would’ve still failed in EoR. Actual line about Wodime: “He is a Crypter, so it is irrelevant if he could succeeded past Goetia”, guess he would’ve betrayed Chaldea and humanity immediately. The rest of Team A would’ve failed if they took MC place in Part I.

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Well, liking giant robots is one of Ritsuka’s few character traits. I wouldn’t call it dumb, sometimes a Master’s gotta do what a Master’s gotta do.


Well Avicebron is a servant. A Master riding the golem into battle is quite idiotic, just like how Waver rode in Iskandar’s chariot. But I do agree that it takes a special idiot to save the world. KH wouldn’t have lent his help if it was anyone from team A because they might’ve killed Serenity in a snap. After that I doubt even Sirius Light can make Tiamat mortal, so game over for them.

Avicebron is also the guy who created said golem, why are you so certain that there even exist another way to control it, than what we were shown? And remember - Avicebron maybe a Servant, but completely unsuited for combat, during Apoc he was a siting duck for every other Servant when he rode it, and yet he still chose to do so.

We have official confirmation, that 2 Team A members for certain and one (Kadoc) potentially could do it. Maybe Wodim and Daybit would’ve foreseen Tiamat plan and prevent her revival, ending all at Gorgon fight. Point is they would’ve succeed

Also, Sirius Light was specifically given to Crypters running Lostbelts by Alien God. Wodim - maybe, cause he was already a Crypter, will see how it will be explained, but others would’ve not posses it in such timeline.

Looking at other works by Nasu, both Fate and KnK, I am seeing a trend there that the “perfect mage” tends to fall far, far short of that perfection. Lord Cherry neatly fits that fold, so far: great credentials as a mage in terms of lineage and raw power, lots of bravado…we’ve only been introduced to perceptions of him by others as of yet. What exactly his motives are we yet need to see in NA. Given that he’s all good with destroying actual humanity in favor of some warped “perfect” remake of the planet they most certainly aren’t good, though.

It’s tragic she holds him in that high a regard until the bitter end, yes.


Kadoc’s comment implied that there is a way to control the golem without riding it. And as weak as Avicebron is, him riding into battle is still a few level of idiot below Ritsuka.

Hindsight is 20 20

Ritsuka is a protagonist.

People die when they are killed kind of protagonist.

Believe in your Nakama kind of protagonist.

Believe in the heart of the cards kind of protagonist.

I doubt he’ll be relatable if he were suddenly spouting Einstein’s-law-of-equivalent-exchange-when-that-apple-fell-from-that-kite-and-the-lightning-bolt-is-actually-DC-it’s-all-really-elementary-my-dear intelligence, I would never be able to comprehend this much logical thinking from a protagonist!

Why would you be facing such strong servants if you were smart? I’d rather hide in a place with stable Leylines and task servants to finish jobs on their own while I stay away from the fight, because I’m the last Master and if I die that’s pretty much it.

Da Vince would lose her thunder, Holmes would not be needed to say anything, Romani would be silenced because the protagonist already knows everything to do.

No matter what we think about him, you gotta admit, Ritsuka’s luck is EX tier.


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I see.
Either way, I’d be wishing that they’d release the remaining LB chapters if not for the free quartz we’re gonna receive in the 1 and a half years LB 5 is gonna release.

Charisma of 10 but Intelligence of 1

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