When do Legendary Hero Remix banners rerun?

As the title says.

Do we have any info about this yet? Is it yearly? Some other schedule? Random to the whims of IS?

What’s the deal?


Legendary Remix banners happen every two months. The next one is expected to be I believe Hector and Ephraim as the focus two receiving remix skills. So far, the wait time varies depending on how many characters are in that color. For instance, Grima’s showing up every month because she was the only Colorless legendary for ages, while, say, Hector will show up every 6 months because there are three green Legends currently in the rotation and they only do one per remix banner. I feel like eventually they’ll have to double up by sheer numbers, but we’ll see how that plays out.


And Ike, Fjorm and Lyn are supposed to be back next year.


Remixes seem to be happening every two months. There was a three month gap between the first two, but the schedule since then has been consistently every two months, and you can also see this in how the units are rerun.

We know the next Remix is in September, and the legendaries will be Ryoma, Ephraim, Hector, and Robin. After that, they will happen in November, January, March, and May.

Ike and Fjorm have been bumped all the way back to May because the rest of the old legendaries are presumably being added to the Remix rotation and taken out of the normal legendary/mythic banner rotation – and all of the remaining pre-pair ups are either red or blue. From previous scheduling, we know Tiki and Marth are returning in November, Eirika and Lucina are returning in January, and Azura is returning in March. This all matches up with the Remix schedule, so while these units have not officially been announced to be added to Remixes, there is strong evidence that they will be. (Hríd will also presumably be added to the schedule following his next 8% run in September, and it’s safe to assume he will return in March with Azura)


So what I’m getting is that the banners themselves aren’t set, and the heroes on them rerun at varying intervals depending on how many other heroes share that color.


It seems to be that way

Hector and Lyn shared on the first Remix but since then, each banner has only had one legendary of each color. This means Robin is now the easiest legendary to +10; as she is the only colorless legendary released before pair-ups became a thing, she is on every single Remix and is sparkable every time. Lyn, Gunnthrá, and Hector should have roughly 6 months between each of their runs, so they’re a bit lengthier, but still fairly reasonable.

The sucky thing is the red and blue legendaries. With 5 reds and 5 blues, that means waits between runs are 10 months (as we are seeing with Ike and Fjorm). If you don’t already have a lot of merges on these units, it’s going to be awful to merge them.


Well, guess it’s a good thing I was mostly asking for Lyn then. 6 months is a pretty good amount of time to stockpile orbs (and I have some other targets too), plus I have her at +7 already.


Seems they are alternating with DSH…


Yup, Lyn’s next run is in January, so you have six months to save up


And to think, I could have just looked at that myself.

Well part of me suspected it would be there, but you never know when their going to do something like with Sothis and give you the ol’ IDK


I hope L! Hector and Ephraim will get their refine at the same time they’ll get their remix
And plz, may L! Hector remix and refine be OP! The man need them in this era where everyones take out their biggest armor killers for killings Edelgards (F! And B!)

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Got some bad news for you, bru