When does NA get 5* EXP Embers?

When does NA get 5* EXP Embers? Will they be available during dailies or will they be scarce? How much exp are they worth?

We will get them during the NA equivalent for the 15M campaign, which should happen in November this year. They will not drop from dailies, you can only get them out of the FP gacha (except from gifts and rewards). A 5* EXP Ember is worth 81000 normal XP or 97200 with class advantage, which is three times the amount you’d get from a 4* Ember (27000 normal / 32400 with class advantage).


“How much exp are they worth?”

Thrice the exp 4* cards give

I am glad they are putting these in the game, it will help speed up leveling, especially during super/great succ up. But, calling it now, I won’t get any super/great succ when I use a 5 star ember. :fgo_insane:

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You can use them to level up your welfare servants during their 2x exp period during events.

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Welfares will get 2x exp when leveling? When does that start?

Only during certain events. Some just have double bond or strength boosts.


Meaning i can easily get Samba Quetz to level 90 and 10/10/10 just from her own event with minimum effort.