When does the next x2 or x3 super/great chance up again (mostly want to know if before Nerofest)

This half ap event really made get into the game as I haven’t in the last few months and mostly want to know if I continue using exp on servants I want to ascend quickly (like the ones we get from rest of the summer events) or if I should save it paciently.

whatever the na equivalent is for the 10m downloads campaign will be the next (2x success), I believe

which should come right after nerofest

key word being “should”, since let’s hope they don’t repeat the mistake of last time

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Nice, storage increase too.

that’s honestly the biggest perk for me

my ce second archive is like actually overflowing right now

I just started getting rid of some ce with this last event, still have a few valentine ce waiting to be claimed though I’m aware the time to spend them is after the next iteration as you will have to claim then again to get the voices of the most recent version.

Wait, storage increase?

I just bought a lot of second archive expansion from da vinci today
did i waste those mana prisms?

you always want more if you’re a collector, also the second storage just get more expansions to buy, and the regular storage you still want to have as much as possible when you want to roll fp for angra or event ce.

oh, so basically
“storage increase” only means “we can buy more” ? not “we get free second archive space” ?

we get 50 free extra regular space and can buy 50 extra secondary space

cool, thanks