When/if they release Fury 3 seal, 1 attack WoM beacon

I hope we eventually get a fury seal, this would be pretty amazing for ARO. There are a couple of options but I’d say L’Archel is the best candidate due to being a Calvary unit. 40 Hp is the absolute max to pull it off. If she is -HP, no DF/merges/weapon refine and 2 Mythics then she hits 40 perfectly.
Total of 20 recoil damage from fury 4 A slot, Fury 3 seal and the fury weapon. I added the stats in the pair up to account for the seal. 2 Pheonys for speed boost.

Spooky censer and fury 4 are both available in the Compile section.
B skill is questionable, Windsweep might be better to avoid far save retaliation or anything super strong
Or that new Canto B skill.
I put Lul to secure kills with more attack and doubles.

C skill is flexible to assist the team.

Anyway here’s the build:

Other options with 33 HP, maximum to pull this off.



Maximum anger!


People could use their merged Lynja with multiple mythics


True. She can get away with keeping her weapon, +10 and 2 Mythics, as long as she doesn’t have any flowers. While she is a superior option, she does rely on her duo skill. Occasionally it might not work out against a well placed duo hindrance.

I guess L’Archel has the slight benefit of being capable on a single attack.


I see what you mean. Low HP is everything to beacon. Fury 4 + Fury seal is amazing, and if you add a fury WEAPON, that’s -20 a hit? Wow. One but would do it, except for AR adds 10 extra hp with minimum mythics, so the unit would need to hit twice. Very very doable


I have noticed all the units except valter who get fury weapons have mega high HP naturally. Which is the bummer of it all.


Are you referring to the build I posted? That accounts for the mythic HP boost.


They also come with Fury as an A. The high HP probably made sense to IS because in their mind it would help them last longer instead of being used to benefit them. Although Bartre comes with Brash Assault so maybe not…


Kagero would be an option, with the Fury dagger.

Nino with the Fury Green Tome

Both with the F2P mythic boosts (Eir, Peony)


The cap obviously goes up quite a bit if Duma’s chip damage is on the defense, since these listed essentially can get down to 50% without the Fury seal with Duma’s chip :thinking:

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Oh even better, I had overlooked that. Wow that’s low HP, which makes her amazing in that role!

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What I like about kagero, she can run disarm trap and has such low hp that she can refine her weapon for a stat. Seems like a solid pick. She is also future proof in a way for anyone who has FeH pass. Her getting a resplendent won’t invalidate her.

Her only “downside” is that she competes with Lynja for the weapon, unless someone somehow has multiple to inherit.


Also wanted to say this could be used just as well on ARD, to allow teammates to fly in and nuke.

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Without Impacts or NFU, I can’t see this being as effective for AR-D
B-Hector is a very popular tank and he’ll kill the Fury unit with his forced double (other tanks like Bagel and B-Ephraim also can use their forced doubles to get around it). And speedy tanks can just stack enough Spd to double and kill. Like my Chrom can reach around 60 Spd with help from Peony, and he’s hardly the fastest sword around

Heck, none of these characters have really great bulk by virtue of being forced to keep their HP low for the strategy to work, so they could quite easily get one-shot

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What could work for ARD is the Fury weapon, Fury seal, impact, NFU. As long as the unit doesn’t have some insane bulk, they will take a hit (only one hit) and take 12 damage after combat and probably be in WoM range then. People do a similar strategy now with units like Python or Rolf (obviously without the impact and NFU). The strategy would just be more reliable with the Fury seal.


This, I agree with

I was more so thinking with a windsweep B slot. Tho it’ll get crushed against a powerful magic user.

This is an interesting concept. I have a few units this would work on