When is a good time to focus on Mastery

I have about 25 E2 operators, all between lvl 40 and 60 and usually with at least 1 skill at M1. My instinct is to keep on investing into more promotions to deepen my endgame character pool, but I’m starting to wonder when I should switch to focus on Masteries instead. What do you guys think? Keep raising Operators until I have at least 1 of each sub-class at E2 or start maxing out some Operator Masteries?
As a side note, I mainly play for the story and collecting, and don’t care much about high CC Risks and Inferno maps and such.

Depends on your playstyle. I’ve only got 29 E2 ops myself but 12 of them have one M3 skill, but it’s because I prefer to be lazy and use OP units even when they’re really not needed.

M3 is a big investment but operators like Thorns, SA, Eyja, and Surtr will always be worth it. They’re already stupid strong even without masteries, but with them they trivialize all but high CC content. There’s a lot of niches that I don’t even bother investing in because an S3M3’d Thorns make those niche operators obsolete. If you’re confident that you have an answer to most situations then I’d suggest you start M3ing now. Myrtle’s a great place to start in that case.

I’ve got about 30 E2s atm, but even before that I was working on Masteries

Had a habit of immediately getting M3 for OPs for most of the game so I got them pretty much right away

Would recommend you start getting them already, not just for higher multipliers on skills but also because of higher starting SP and reduced skill cost on some

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If you don’t mind about cc, then it’s utility first.(Waifu aside).
If your are satisfied with your current team then it’s time to invest in some of yours E2(most used operators).
After all, you don’t need all the operators in the game at E2 (M3) to finish the story part and you have friend’s operators too.
Some skills have bigger(notable) improvements from M1,M2 or M3.

For example:
i think Myrtle’s skills have high priority.

i usually M3ed Operators skills when i deemed the mats are enough and after i finished E2ing core operators (Thorns, Surtr, Eyja and SA for example )

i’m currently collecting mats to E2 Mudrock and will probably start her masteries after Mansfield event

Thanks a lot for the Masteries guide and the opinions. I think I’ll just make sure I have at least 1 of each subclass E2 and then I’ll look into the M2 and M3 for my “always use” operators like Blaze and Efya.
Off the top of my head I think I’m mostly just missing a utility Vanguard (though I prefer Elysium rather then Myrtle) and a debuffer (either Shamare or Pramanix). I confess my Thorns isn’t E2 either as well lol. I already had SA, Blaze and Efya to break the game so I didn’t feel I needed him that much haha. Wish we had his sweet I.T. skin already.

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I have 30 e2 ops. I will start m3 operators once I finish promoting ops that are necessary for my late gameplay. E2 6 stars to level 50, 5 stars to level 40, 3 stars to level 30.