When is coming apocrypha banner

I can’t wait to spend my saint quartz for amakusa and the other ones but is it coming some day soon?

if you’re talking about the thanksgiving banner with amakusa

It got replaced by the Thanksgiving banner.

If you want to roll for Amakusa he will be there but none of the others.

EDIT: MUGI beat me! Hassan’d!

How did u get that information I’m so sad

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The Apoc banner was supposed to have Astolfo’s new costume in it. But they added that and Amakusa both to the Thanksgiving banner instead.

Further, many people were already predicting they would skip the Apoc banner because it’s purpose was to commemorate the first airing of the Apoc Anime which was two years ago.

Thus, given that they took out the two most important parts of the banner and added them to the Thanksgiving banner…there is no reason to keep the rest of it.

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I was really hoping to roll for jack and NP 5 Astolfo! So I am sad too.


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Thanks, now I can be sad in peace

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Banners for real live events (anime conventions, releases, etc) are frequently skipped because it no longer has meaning in real life. Sometimes they still happen as a blu-ray release rather than a TV release…but not necessarily following the 2 years behind schedule of everything else.

Events, singularity releases, new years, anniversary, and download campaigns. Those are the banner you can count on coming on schedule.


on the slightly plus side

apocrypha collab next year, with the servants for it getting banners


Here I am thinking my amakusa is useless and I got him when I was rolling for astolfo

RIP. Free Craft Essence :cry: