When is CYL 3 thid year? Also how many free orbs do you think can be raked up before then?

The first year it was at the very end of August, but last year it was in the middle. Though this year they are releasing new special banners at the start of each month.

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I mean, we can’t know for sure, but my best guess is that it’ll still be in August, likely the banner at the beginning of the month, but I could be wrong

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Perhaps it’ll be closer to the beginning of August this time? I’m not really sure, though.

And I think you can hit well over 50 orbs from now until August, since we’re getting new Legendary banners (free orbs) + new seasonals (more free orbs), and who knows what else.

All I know about it is I really want that Alm

Why Alm?

I’m really looking forward to Eliwood.

Because Alm
I mean there isn’t too many others that would interest me
Maybe Eli but other than thirst nobody else

I suppose you’re right.

Although personally, I might just take my Neutral IV Eliwood and call it a day, I suppose.

end of August

Is it confirmed, or is that speculation?

Speculation that may as well be confirmed. IS is predictable on dates of these things at the very least


That means I can save up more orbs.

Who are you gonna choose for your neutral copy?



All of June and July, most of August. At 300 orbs a month you’re looking at 750-850 orbs starting tomorrow, maybe 900 if they’re generous during summer celebrations.

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August is typical CYL time, and as long as you don’t recklessly spend, you should wind up with a few hundred to a thousand Orbs by then.
For example, I had 450 Orbs in early March, right after Roy’s Legendary banner. Before I splurged on the Mythic banner, I had approximately 1200 Orbs, and this was with occasional spending on various banners. That was a period of about 3 months, which is roughly the same period between now and when I expect CYL to be.

I spent almost all my orbs during the time Duma came out. Now, with all the orbs I have collected since then has been close to 1,000.

This includes some chain challenges and other minor things I have done

It will probably be listed on the August 10 to September 10 Calendar, but I’m expecting it to be at the start of August. Since IS gives us an average of 325 orbs each month you can roughly save around 650 orbs. I’m at 207 right now, I’ll probably have like 600 by the time we get that banner assuming I still summon a little~