When is the next Bramimond's banner appearance?

So, here’s the story…
I’ve been trying to get Bramimond since his first appearance, but I have the worst luck possible. I’ve spent 150-350 orbs in each of his appearances, but I haven’t got him. Last banner, I got pity broken TWICE by Legendary Robin (love to see it). Anyway, I’m saving orbs right now, and I’m willing to skip this years’ CYL in order to finally get my Bramimond copy.
Do you guys have any idea of when that would be? Also, if you got any creative builds, I would love to see them! :smile:

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Late August:


late august

as for builds the base kit is grate, if you have a impact skill that is more or less the only thing he needs


Sturdy Impact is probably best, but Mirror Impact is great, too. Then base kit and an attack boosting seal.

2 banners in August , when is this months banner suppose to drop? Feel like there won’t be much spacing if it isn’t soon.

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Calendar says July Mythic banner is on the 30th.

So I have the impression Sothis is going to be on a special banner, likely with other 3H units, since the anniversary of 3H is in late July.