When it comes to the higher ranks of GBL, are there any leagues you find easier?

Personally I find master league classic to be the easiest when I get to the higher ranks. The reason why is because the league tends to have the least variety of Pokémon in my opinion and usually the match is decided by who ever wins first match up or gains switch advantage.

Ultra league open. I found my team and use it a lot, it includes some surprises in the moves and i now when to switch and everything…

Master league classic i find very difficult cause I can’t throw in a good team, half of the meta i don’t have and groudon/Dragonite/Metagross is not that great. Had some more success in master league unlimited with a lvl 47 Gyarados and lvl 44 excadrill


Lately, I’ve been staying in open UL when given the option. Got a good team there that nobody has quite figured out yet so it has some good winrates. Used to be GL but the meta there got so stale and tryhard it stopped being fun a couple seasons ago. :yawning_face:
Haven’t touched ML since MLPC got wrecked by XL candy. No, I’m not salty at all… :salt:


Considering I play so many accts and switch from acct to acct when it hits 21…

I like Master League Classic the best because I feel the smaller number of pokemon means you have to know more how to use them to overcome. Like a Dialga vs Melmetal. Sure its generally a Melmetal win but you can flip it, or time the switch.

My 2nd favorite: Is Ultra League assuming its an account that has a team I like. Ivs played a lot of variety teams up through rank 20.

My least favorite is Great League. Just too random or at least feels too queue dependent. Like I ran one team that Garvantula leads absolutely wrecked. Got like 5 in a row. Got ticked. Swapped team. Never saw Garv again.

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UL PC i like the most. Most variety overall, especially with XL mons. Usually i go up when its around and can play multiple teams with succes.

ML Classic- my second fav. Have decent team and know how to use it. Also usually i get most my points there. Sadly its always short and alongside with GL and sometimes hard to find match…

I definetely no longer like Open UL. I even dislike it more than GL. Teams combined with 3 of Cresselia, Articuno, Registeel, GiraA, AMewtwo, Lapras drains any fun from this league. Also it took forever to finish single fight compared to rest Leagues.

GL Dont like, because Stunfisk, Azu, Medicham, Sabley, Basti, Skarm and few others are everywhere. Maybe i can use spicy mons, but GL meta is boring and strong and you have to make team to deal with it, so spice wont be that great overall. Also i never gaining points here and never have something to deal with Azumarill, most hated mon by me.

Never played ML Unlimited, i dont have anything decent XL to use here. But its probably most P2W format, and i dont like that.

Im Glad, that ML PC is gone. This was for me even worse, than Open UL or GL. Most paper-rock-scissor Leauge. Only was fun first season it was realeased, when people using fun and spicy picks.

I liked Little Cup, Love Cup and GL Remix looks like GL i want to be . Other cups i disliked.

Both ML are much rock-paper-scissor like. Maybe PC a little bit more. You didn’t like halloween cup?

open UL by far. things get super formulaic 2600+