When should i raise my operators skills?

Currently my core team are on E1 Lvl 30, most of them have their skills on lvl 2 except for Shaw and Cliffheart which on lvl 5.
Should i focus on raise my operators to E1 Lvl Max or raise their skills first?

For the E1 operators, I’d raise their skills to level 4 before max leveling. And level 7 when you E2 them. You’ll get more out of them that way without it costing a whole lot.

Really just finish maxing all skills at the cost of each precious resources for E2 so you won’t have to worry about it.

As usual it depends on your aim, choices and current situation.
I don’t think you have enough resources to raise all operators or their skill at max level.
I have 2 months of game experience though.
It’s easy to raise skills to lv5 for 1-5 star operators, and obviously 6 stars are expensive.
In general except for my favorites, i upgrade operators levels, skill level or promote them only to finish a map.(obviously for a good skill or raw strength i need)

So Elite 1 operators are good enough with skill lv 4-5 with some exceptions obviously, like shawn skill2(if you have weights issues).
Elite 2 are the most expensive investment so their skills should be lv7 like Silverash.
As examples:
All my elite 2 have theirs skills at lv7.
I upgraded Matoimaru to elite 1, lv 40 because i need her to help me finish operational intelligence last map challenge mod. but her skill is lv 2(don’t need more i think)
Melantha is cheap, i have her lv45 skill lv 7 because her skill is efficient and she’s worth it.

There are some huge powerspikes when OPs skills reach a certain level, commonly lvl 4, lvl 7, Mastery 1 and Mastery 3.
Generally I recommend you to raise all your core operatives skills to level 4 since it’s pretty cheap, then prioritize enhance your main DPS by lvl up skill and stat. Higher skill lvl will always do you good, so consider upgrade the rest of your team later on.

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