When should I start Heavy Production?


I have started GFL a month or so ago and I’m going great (I think?) so far with 6 Echelons all currently above 7k power (Im at the start of chapter 5 and started 4E)

I’m currently trying to form a MGSG echelon and although I have already three nice MG (PK X2 M1918 x3 and LWMMG x3) I’m still wondering if I should start heavy production to get myself a SG. The 8k pricing is making me think twice about it, since it’s basically days of ressource grind to get those 8k Manpower.
is it too early to think about heavy production? Do I need a SG to go on? I feel like my MG buffs are going to waste.

[Update] OK so I got my hands on a nifty SPAS-12 with already two dummies and level 65 by simply going forward on the main story so that’s cool I finally have a MGSG comp (kinda). But as far as I know SPAS isn’t the best option out so should I try and get someone better to replace/accompany Spas or should I roll with that for the time being and start rolling for heavy prod once I’m really getting onto it?

thank you in advance for your replies!

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TBH, Heavy Productions can be ignored. Most times you won’t use a MGSG, if you need for the main story just added a friend with MGSG and use their echelon. Also, you will get a thing called True Core Mask on certain events, that is basically a T-Doll Selector, with that you can pick SAT-8, the best SG on EN server. So, try focus on your HGRF and 2ARSMG, try raising them to about 30K CE before making other echelons, a bunch of weak echelons isn’t worth as much as 2 decent echelons, especially because on most stages you will barely need more than 4 echelons trough all content.
PS: The Heavy Equipment Production on the other side, is truly important, and generally you should invest in Fairies, however, focus on building 3 solid echelons first.

as said, it’s not super important. MAYBE think about doing one a week for the weekly mission, but otherwise just wait for a general rate-up.
you can get MGs from normal production, SGs get ripped to shreds in most content and are only needed for a few gimmick fights.