When the AI strands a unit somewhere. I'd love to see others photos

Show me some funny stranded units.


I don’t have a photo, but there was a time when Faye got left on an island in a TT map(Summer themed from a million years ago), I didn’t have anyone who was flier/ranged and she had Firesweep so I couldn’t have anyone counter her, so I had to surrender and beat her with a second team


Had a similar thing happen. Repo-ed onto that island but I didn’t have any ranged or DC units. Immediate surrender :/

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Oh, she wasn’t Repo’d, Tana had Guidance and she used that

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It was probably that then for me too. Enemies don’t use Repo unless they’re getting out of danger and that wasn’t what happened.

I’ve had stuff happen on this map (B3, C7, P5) where a unit has gotten stuck in the far left area where Tiki is.

This happened once:

Like, he can get out, but :tooobin:


Well he can break the wall right? I think.

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He would’ve, if we didn’t kill him first :feh_myrrhno:

Every time something like this happens, it is the result of Smite or a skill that lets units warp, like Wings of Mercy. I’ve never personally experienced it, but I have seen some amusing unwinnable situations caused by it (such as an all melee infantry group unable to reach an enemy stuck on the other side of a river).

Doesn’t this happen all the time with Tactics Drills?

Had Freddy stuck when doing WoM on a training map for Book I 2-1. I think the pic’s gone now.