When to use CasGil/Helena over waver?

I used to put casgil in my team almost everytime when i had the star capacity but ever since i got waver from boys banner i have been using him. just today he hit bond level 6 and helena upgrade getting relased so I think this is the best time to swap him for another arts/caster support.

Is there a difference between their playstyle? other than np charge i feel like theyre pretty much doing the exact same thing…

Helena can decimate a stage, waver just purely supporte

helena can do damage if u need a cas support and one that deals damage
(ala 3 turning the gear node in shinjuku)

cas gil SHOUld be used with waver
for arts refunding memes

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CasGil, to me, is an arts-crit/debuff specific Waver where charging NPs isn’t an issue.

He’ll be a lot better when Sherlock drops.

Poster Girl is good/essential for both CasGil and Helena in tough quests. Drop the skills to set up a burst turn and get out of the way. (CasGil is especially good with Kiara + Tamamo + plugsuit + Waver…Black Grail, turn 1 NP, many hits, stargen buff, attack buffs, Arts buffs…all kinds of delish.)

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For me, mostly when Waver got to bond 10.

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That is exactly what I did. I rarely use Waver unless there is a harder fight ahead. I replaced him with Ozy, and now that his bond is lvl 10 as well, they are both in the bench. Helena just took over LOL. Just need to max her skills now.

Casgil is better for Arts Crit, specially. Best friend of Nursery, Saberlot and Chloe, when their skills enter on CD.

Helena offer support while having a hard hitting AOE NP. Which Waver has not.

Ofc, Casgil+Helena+Waver work kinda well, specially if you have 2030 to compensate when Casgil Kings Return and Helena passive stargen are on cooldown (which is very often, since they have big CDs). +51% attack + 50% Arts up and a good def up (Casgil casts AOE 20% def up 3 turns after NP, it can cover Waver’s 3 turns CD on AOE def up, and be spammed with his arts crits with card performance up).

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During one of GamePress’ theorycraft sessions, we came up with most memey arts team possible:

Hopefully, one day someone manage to build a infinite-turn farming team with them and demonstrate a true np spam monstrosity.


In my case, I don’t have CasGil, but I do have Helena, and use her, first for her great NP, and then, to charge party’s NP, and became my main party charger since both Ozy and Waver reached bond lvl 10. Maybe not the best reason to use her, but works for me!


I still use Waver almost all the time, but as support, challenge quest is when I usually field mine with a DPS support that has high NP lvl.