When to Use Phantom Spd?

Some context - I’m working on building up Fir to +10, and I had the following build planned:

Most of the other seals I would have picked are currently taken. On paper, Phantom Spd looks like a good idea, since this build uses Spurn. The extra +10 Spd would help improve her damage reduction, and would be active on both phases.

That said, I almost never see Phantom Spd in any other player-made builds. Is the effect just not very good compared to other options? Or is there some other use for it that I just haven’t seen?


You definitely have the right idea. Phantom Spd affects skills that compare Spd like Spurn or Close Call. It also affects things like flashing blade, or L!M!Byleth’s drive NFU effect.

As well as I can remember, there aren’t many other Prf weapon effects that compare Spd beyond adding DR or a flashing blade effect. And in those instances it’s very useful. However, it seems many people value some more Atk than Spd, choosing something like Atk/Spd solo instead.

The effect is great, but situational. And if the unit you’re using it on isn’t already outspeeding the foe by a wide margin, you may be better suited to another seal for a different playstyle.

By comparison, phantom Res makes a huge difference especially with some recent refines. Selkie, Felicia, and Flora benefit immensely from phantom Res, on top of it already used to reinforce dragon wall type effects.


My problem with Phantom Speed, while it helps with comparison skills (like DR), it does nothing for the rest. If you wanna try to keep up with the current Speed numbers, you’d need every point in actual Spd possible. And if you eventualy get Vital Astra on her, actual Spd will be even more important.

You could lock her on a team using A/S Solo or Swift Sparrow, and continue to move those seals around. Whenever you wanna update her kit, just do it again.


You don’t see Phantom SPD a lot because there are a lot of comparable seals that have less SPD (a la A/S Solo), but on the units that want DR the most, those 4 points are negligible at best and the unit benefits from the other bonuses more than the 4 points of SPD.

Also any unit running Pegasus Flight. My Clair loves her Phantom RES seal.


Phantom Spd is alright, but it’s not used much because in nearly every case you want actual Spd over fake Spd, and it usually comes with more Atk to boot. There are some very annoying Abyssal enemies that like to combo Phantom Spd with Windsweep, but it’s usually not doing a lot for you because almost every skill that does a Spd comparison is either a DR skill or a Flashing Blade skill.

Phantom Res is something I find to be much more useful because Res comparing skills give you more stats for what you’re investing (Pegasus Flight and Picnic Twin weapons inflict big debuffs on foes in multiple stats) and it also works on supportive skills like Sabotages. Spd doesn’t have any skills like that


It’s a neat seal. But its usage is niche. It’s easy nowadays to get up to 6 real Spd in seal slot. While you “lose” out 4 spd , but real speed contribute to both offense and defense in addition to spd based skills, thus can be argued to be more reliable overall. If they somehow bum it to at least 12 spd for phantom spd, I’d see it being competitive.


Imagine if Phantom Spd allowed you to gain the natural follow-up as if you had real spd BUT it doesn’t stop the enemy’s natural follow-up.

a lot of Middling Spd units would benefit greatly from it while high-speed units could use it to break spd-ties against other speedsters