When Units Appear On Banners (Question)

Hey folks, shamirlvr69 here again with a question of how this game works sometimes.
So, I’ve never really paid much attention to cycling of summoning banners, slots on Legendary/Mythic Banners, etc., but people here always seem to know exactly what’s going on, and so since you have been so helpful in the past I thought I was ask for your assistance again.
Essentially, I’m wondering when Shamir will next be on a banner after Hero Fest (since I’m trying to +10 her F2P). I have a feeling that Hero Fest units don’t appear much again, but I don’t have anything to really back that up. If we get to vote on another Forging Bonds and her banner wins (doubtful, but possible), then that might be it?
Anyway, hope you can help with this totally inane and vague question. Cheers!

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Short answer: no one knows, but there’s a chance of her banner being a voteable option in the future


Your best bet and probably best option are skill banners, since as long as their no color sharing its going to be the best chance outside of this Hero Fest banner


Cheers, this is about what I thought.