When will CN get the new Nian family member?

Self explanatory title.

I’m curious, afterall i’m collecting them all. Plus, i’ll never be able to reach 300 pulls in time for Nearl or Ch’en Alter, so i’m forced to skip those banners.

This would make Nian banner the most logical one in which i could obtain a result (unless in the meantime HG would release Talulah)

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Those banners are for Chinese New Year I think. So around February.

And then global get them at half anniversary in July.


Thank you!

So, it’s 7 months from now. I’m a monthly card player, so i get more or less 12000 Orundrum per month instead of 6000 of f2p players.

12000 * 7 = 84000. This means, 140 pulls. Add to that my current 18000 Orundrum and the usual free 10x Ticket… 180 Pulls.

Let’s add Originite prime and other possible bonuses… let’s say 200 pulls.

If i also keep producing Originite shards like i’m doing in these late months…

Reaching 250 Pulls should be possible. At that point, reaching 300 pulls would be a matter of not a lot of money.

Or maybe i’ll be able to reach 300 pulls without spending money.

Not to mention that i could be able to roll the new Nian in less than 200 pulls…

just a heads up the CNY next year falls on February 1st so it could be on mid-late January to early February for the banner depending on Hypergryph’s schedule

Ancient Forge dropped on early January for CN server despite the actual day being 3-4 weeks later and Who is Real dropped a week before actual CNY day this year on CN server so i would suggest stock up during January-February until further notice from Hypergryph

Don’t forget, you can use yellow certs to buy headhunting tickets.

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True, but i spent all of them to buy Aak. Currently i’ve got only 90 yellow certs and since i do not do pulls, the only way to get them is in recruitment.

But as you know, it’s not reliable. I can go for days without a good tag