When you don't really care about the new event.... and Book 4 at the moment

You just want to know who will be on next month’s refine batch cuz Dec is going to be a boring month


Book 4 is whatever

The new game mode however is kinda shit

New game mode is just Tower Defense


Mia got her refine so now I expect it’ll probably be another 3-4 months before I spend any dew again…

I hope Cecilia gets one, I’d spend some dew for that

To bad I still don’t have OG.Mia

:feh_elisad: RIP…

And I highly doubt I’ll free summon her on the new power or the weekly revival banners (I don’t even remember when she shows back up on those)

12 sounds right for one of the weekly ones? I think?

Damn. I seem to be the only one who’s kinda excited for it ):


Itll probably be harder as we go up in tiers, and thus potentally more challenging and exciting.

Also they should just tell us what the floofin papers do.


Yah it’s week 12 so about a month away

Hope it is. Slaughtering the highest difficulty with as high as I can go with a combination of a galeforcer, all-out attacker, and a random defender.

Hopefully the divine whatever ya call it is worth something good…


Honestly, I’m sameish. The gamemode ain’t bad, its just tower defense with extra steps. And Book 4 is, well, Book 4. It just started, I’m finding it creepy, but until I see what the story’s actually about, I won’t draw too many weird lines.

Man can I just get a Flylivia refine someday? Like, I barely use her because of how strong Peony and Trashzura are. I’d seriously expect it to be that way for forever :fgo_jeannu:

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Same tbh… I feel like the most interesting thing for me is the new mode, and even this isnt too much interesting for me :I Today I summoned for a new takumi for CC, left with 600~ orbs and now it is saving mode until January/February probably.

It’s been a while since I found any refine interesting, right now I’m only waiting for FCorrin, and that it’s gonna take for ever.

I can only hope it comes soon, I mean at least theirs not that many Gen 1 3-4* unit’s who still need one

Pretty much me. I couldn’t care less about anything happening this month except refines.