When you get a change of heart about upgrading seals

I initially wanted to upgrade Spur Atk/Spd to max 'cause I did it with the other dual spur,but after I saw B!Camilla and her A-skill:

I honestly think Renewal Sacred Seal will be very useful on her,seeing as her A-skill lets her have it’s benefits until she falls under 25% HP.If you attack with her alone,that is,I’ll probably try to put Martyr + on her as a bonus,if her other allies enters battle in the meantime,so she can recover more health.

So many options opens up,plus,I always try to put Gravity + on some of my healers,'cause the usefulness of restricting movements is always nice.Well,I won’t have to do it this time :camillamug:


Live to serve is a seal, isn’t it? You could use that.


Or maybe you can use the ability that have wrys as S slot (don’t remember the name ). So it can work with her passive

Oh @LeadChips was faster than me, and he even remembered the name

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I have plans for the Live To Serve seal as well (level 2 right now),but If I plan a sweep with only her,none of her allies will be damaged which would lead to a non-practical Sacred Seal in the runs in question.

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Yes, this is the only problem with the skills, but with her protection no one will die :camillamug: , you can maybe try the combo ardent sacrifice or reciprocal add plus her heal with live to serve, it works pretty well

I really love the Renewal seal for Arena, it’s excellent for keeping the bonus unit afloat since I don’t have any healers on my Arena team. I think it’s a good one to have upgraded.