When you get a res point in S.O.V lol

Lukas out here getting back to back res points :frowning:


His quote is how that feels


Me and my 21 Res, 36 Spd Forsyth.


How did you get 21 res damn ? The most I’ve gotten is 26 with Delthea who already starts out with a decent amount.


It was luck at first, got up to like 11Res naturally but then I had the Star Jacinth and the EXP DLC so I cheesed it until I got bored. (Level up are normally set for each map but can be rerolled once if you trade a Star Shard/Jacinth on/off the character right before fighting.)


When you play a RPG, You aim to break it it into a million pieces. Highest res stat I’ve ever gotten was 32 on my DF-looped Nomah. Yeah, I used DLC stuff to do it but that’s because I still wanted to have a semblance of a life y’know? I don’t have all the time in the world.


I don’t really mind DLC in those games, as it just speeds up the inevitable. Grinding is already in both Awakening and SoV naturally, so I don’t feel bad about using the DLC to speed up what I could already do in the base game.


Me who abused Dread Fighter and only used the Villagers at the start and power lvled them to go and get the Star Jacinth before leveling up Alm to much so that even Alm can get the full advantage of using the Star Jacinth


I’ve been replaying awakening and am having a lot of fun creating massively broken units. I’m only on chapter 14, but some could probably solo the rest of the game. Nowi has almost maxed out all her stats, and gets dragonstone bonuses which is a lot of fun. Infinite weapon use Inigo is also great.


Doesn’t Lukas have a 0% Res Growth.

Though I think I had this happen with Valbar once so I don’t know.

2% Growth… but if op is using the Star Jacinth on him he gets an extra 5%

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I always max out all the parents stats before Chp. 14 that way when I recruit the children they are already pretty much at max stats saving time

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Villager Conrad with the highest Res growth in the game :feh_rein: … of 8 :e7_ravisob:


Sadly the only way he’s getting Villager is by Hacking/Rom’s

Huh? Are you talking about Alm or conrad? cuz Villager Fork works on everyone but the lords. And you get I believe 2 for free and the third is DLC?


I have a Third tier mage Conrad with maxed stats. I forget what it’s called Guru?

Yeah I realized he was talking about alm…

Oof, I don’tbthink I’ve actually ever used it on anyone so completely forgot about the item

Me hacking a fucc ton of Golden Daggers and Mila’s Bow on everyone cuz Plenitude Combat art is so useful.

(I wonder if there’s a "LUNATIC Mode " rom hack of SoV on the interwebs?)

Nah I was only talking about Alm for getting the full advantage from the Star Jacinth, I just forgot about the pitchfork item when you mentioned Conrad

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