When you scrounge up all the extra reward orbs but then you only need 5 anyway

She’s +hp/-atk. Meh whatever at least I got her!

Now to think if I should give her DC or not? I only have 1 extra Nailah (wish it was Hector he’d be easier to not feel bad about foddering) but there certainly aren’t any other armors I’d even consider giving DC other than maybe Amelia.


B-but Hector good daddy
I don’t know her stats but if she has low res maybe not, considering most ranges threats will be mages

But Nailah is one beastly queen!

Kjelle has 28 res, but she comes with Barrier Lance already. So she’s got 35 without buffs if a mage initiates. And that goes up by what 4 if you refine her lance for res?

Wait that’s not a Tellius character :feh_confused:


Look she’s my favorite out of the awakening cast, granted I’m so indifferent to the vast majority of that games cast. Hero Kjelle though was an absolute monster and I loved it.

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You could build a delicious mage killing Kjelle build (and you don’t have to kill Berkut for his lance!), but if you really like Nailah, then keep her.

Hector will appear in a banner soon, so save orbs for him.

And congrats for Kjelle! I like seeing people get the units they want.

Give her DC! She has a nice res

But maybe don’t kill Nailah? She’s such a great character that would be horrible kill her, and I think her B is much more rare comprare to DC


I have a +1 Nailah that I love using with Wrath! +Spd I believe. But I’ve been saving an extra copy as “maybe fodder” and I had a 4th copy that gave Micaiah the Null C-Disrupt.

Nailah is one of the few 5☆ characters that I would love to have at +10 but if already have one copy then fodder the second

If you’re willing, then you can fodder off the extra copy for DC if using Kjelle is a priority of yours.

I’d say wait until you can pull for Hector in a couple of weeks,Naliah has other 5* exclusive skills that she can’t get.

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The best feeling going into summer

I’m not particularly hyped for the summer seasonal banners. Unless they give us Shirtless Sigurd, I’m so down with that. Also if it has Tellius, but it’s me so that should probably just assumed.

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+10 Nailah would be cool but blue is like the worst color for it for me. I have too damn many blue merge projects.

I already have +10 Micaiah and Catria. And I’m up to +9 Ishtar. My current project is Tailtiu at +7. And since Mordecai got demoted BIGnis boi will likely be one eventually. He’s+2 and I have 2 extra 4* copies currently, that both showed up while going for Kjelle, as did an Ishtar copy which got her to one merge away.

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